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China Hongyang Group, is an integrated enterprise with the research & development, production and marketing of Fuel Dispenser and related accessories as well as service station concerning equipments. It concentrates on the relative manufacture & services of filling station such as Hongyang tax control Fuel dispenser, IC Card fuel dispenser, manage system of network for stations, submerge pump and liquid level devise. China Hongyang Group, designed supplier of SinoPec and PetrolChina, our HONGYANG products have been sold to over 50 countries in South-east Asia, Mid-east, Africa, Europe and well received in their markets.

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    erally is mounted centrifugal pump installed in tank. The inlet pre fuel dispenser ssure of fuel dispenser with submersible pump fuel dispenser is higher than atmospheric pressure. Submersible pump consists of pump, connecting pipeline and controller. The appearance of submersible pump and its position in tank is showed in diagram 2-10. Diagram 2-10: Submersible pump position and figure Submersible pump is composed of motor and centrifugal pump. Pump motor includes electromotor, wiring panel, overheat protector and pipeline; centrifugal pump has the elements of filter, anti-static subassembly, impeller and pump axis. Diagram 2-11: Main structure of submersible pump Connecting pipeline has two types of fixed and stretched. The former type consists of oil pipe, vapor-recovery pipe, lead pipe and wire. The later type is formed by oil pipe, vapor-recovery pipe, adjusting nut, lead pipe and motor wire. Controller is divided as two parts, upper and lower. Upper part have these components junction box, electric bridge, capacitor, exhausting plug, check valve, pressure adjustor, testing interface of exhaustion and pressure, leakage monitor of pipe. However, lower part is constituted by pipe jointer, lead terminals, pump holder, etc. By function, submersible pump is classified as four categories, namely, standard type, enhanced type, changing-frequency type and large flow type. The standard type access to general requirements, but the enhanced type not only increase flux than standard type, but also available to mix liquid of gasoli fuel dispenser ne with alcohol. The changing- frequency submersible pump adopt pipe pressure to judge flux. Given a situation in inefficient flux and low pressure the electric frequency of motor would tune high through computer, so as to elevate rotate speed and increase flux. Contrarily, to reduce electric frequency and rotate speed as pipe pressure being low, adjusting appropriate flowage. The large flow type is adapted in filing station in where needs quickly operation. Some submersible pump has the flow speed of more

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    1 Second bit map b fuel dispenser 8 Conditional (see ISO 8583); Not r fuel dispenser equired   2 Primary account number LLVAR ans ..19 Conditional on keyed entry   Not required for German Debit cards   Keyed entry is not allowed   3 Processing code n 6 Mandatory. As per A.1   4 Amount transaction n 12 Mandatory = requested amount   7 Date and time transmission MMDD n 10 Optional   hhmmss Not required for German Debit cards   11 Systems trace audit number n 6 Mandatory   12 Date and time local transaction YYMMDD n 12 Mandatory   hhmmss   13 Date effective YYMM n 4 Conditional if PAN (primary account number is   keyed in manually element 2)   Not required for German Debit cards   fuel dispenser Keyed entry is not allowed   14 Date expiration YYMM n 4 Conditional   Required for German Debit cards   20 Country code PAN n 3 Conditional if card scheme requires it  

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