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FlowMeter Type : Optional

Accuracy :±0.2%

Pressure Loss (kg/cm): Under 0.25

Motor Voltage(V): 110V/220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz

Capacity(hp) :1HP(0.75kw)

Input Voltage :110V/220V/380V,50Hz/60Hz

Nozzle : Auto Shut-off Nozzle

Environmental Condition :-40~~+55degree

Control Type :Solenold Vale Control Type

Preset:Function Provided(Small LCDIndicator)

Display(Counter) :Type LCD and Bright Backlight

Digit of Volume : 0~~999,999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Amount :0~~999,999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Unit price : 0~~9999(4 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Total Range : 0~~99,999,999,99

Optional Display :Type LCD and Bright Backlight

Digit of Volume: 0~~99,999,999(8 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Amount : 0~~99,999,999(8 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Unit price : 0~~999999(6 Digits),Decimal point can be changed

Digit of Total Range :0~~99,999,999,99

Totalizer: 1~~9,999,999

Hose: 4.5m

Weight :247kg.

Dimension(L×W×H) : 1160*560*2215(mm)

Dimension(L×W×H)Of Qty of Container : 40ft: 27

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    spenser because of stable operation, high anti-interference, high accuracy, long service life and wide scope of temperature adaptability, etc. Although clearance exist between piston and bushing, the leakage is very less, even no leakage. If the whole hydraulic system, including measurement transducer, work stably, with small pressure fluctuation, the leakage between piston and bushing too small to calculate when light loan. At present, the accuracy and reliability of metal-piston measurement transducer made by some domestic manufacturers are able to compare with that of famous export brand. The leakage change is still little under the various temperatures because of low expansibility of metal piston. Therefore, it fuel dispenser is able to keep high accuracy even in wide scope of temperature change, which is outstanding merit. Structure The exploded drawing and structural chart of metal piston measurement transducer are showed in Diagram 2-16 and 2-17. It mainly consists of frame, piston, connecting rod, connecting board, nylon wheel, driving elbow, adjusting device, end cover, etc. 1-Cap nut 2-Gasket 3\3A-Adjusting bolt 4-Nut 5\6-Hexgon screw 7-Spring gasket 8-11-12- End cover 9-Cover g fuel dispenser asket 10-Body 13-Bolt 14-Spring washer 15-Flat washer 16-Piston set 17-Spring 18-Flat washer 19-Nylon unit 20-Upper connecting rod 21-Jointing sheet 22-Lower connecting rod 23-24-Piston unit 25~33-Piston adjusting unit 34-Gasket 35-Bolt 3 fuel dispenser 6-Screw 37-43-Pin 38-Jointer 39-Rotation output axis 40-O-ring 41-Brass bushing 42-Driving elbow 44-Seal gasket Diagram 2-16: Exploded drawing of one kind of metal piston measurement transducer Inlet is located down of frame, which is connected with the outlet of vapor separator through pipeline. The middle of frame is oblong chamber connecting to four cylinders. The side of cylinder connects to nearby cylinder. The each upper part of cylinder has an elliptical hole, which is connected to the circle groove of upper frame. Four pistons are installed in cylinders, respectively. The two

technical specification

    e)  22 Point of service data code 22020120014C - outdoor magnetic stripe PIN entry  24 Function code 202 - amount different  25 Message reason code 1004 - Terminal processed  26 Card acceptor business code 5542 - (example)   37 6357890012348779=99121011234567890123  35 Track 2 data   (example)  38 Approval code 342679 (carried forward from 1110 message)  39 Action code 000 (carried forward from 1110)  41 Card accep fuel dispenser tor terminal identification C123X345 (example)  42 Card acceptor identification code 00346782ARST119 (example)  48-0 Bit map for data elements 020 3000000000000000   EN (same as in 1100-request)  48-3 Language code   0000001111 (same as in 1100-request)  48-4 Batchsequence number  49 Currency codes tran fuel dispenser saction 578 (example NOK Norwegian kroner)  56 Original data elements 22 1100 023576 981031174233 (from 1100   message - specified in 1 )  59 T fuel dispenser ransport data 13 (sequence number)  63 Product data 024 S 01 005 L 2256 2900 2304 0 (example string)  63-1 Service level S - Self serve  63-2 Number of products 01  63-3 Product code 005 (example unleaded fuel)  63-4 Unit of measure L - Litres  63-5 Quantity 2256 - gives 2.56 litres  63-6 Unit pri

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