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U101-F Heavy Duty Flowmeter


U101-F Heavy Duty Flowmeter

This Flowmeter is to measure the exact volume of the dispensed fuel. which is designed for non-commercial use only. this flowmeter is reliable ,inexpensive, simple installation and easy calibration on the workplace.


Body: teflon

seals: Buna-N

Technical Specifications:

Litre: 4 digits

Totalt: 8 digits

Flow rate range:20L~120L/min


Environmental condition:-40~~+70degree


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U101-F 8kg/case of 1 9kg/case of 1 28×25×18cm/case of 1

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    hen distributing valve gets into a certain degree, another set of cylinder and piston are discharging and input fuel dispenser ting. Under varied oil pressures four pistons has accomplished a circulation, camshaft and exporting axis rotating a circumference. Oil volume in a circulation is a stable constant. Diagram 2-22 illustrates the working circulation of four—piston measurement transducer. Working in Diagram 2-22a: high pressured oil flow into Cylinder 4 via the outboard of distributing valve, impelling Piston 4 move toward center. Piston 4 drives Piston 2 moving through connecting rod, at end of cylinder the oil is flowed out from the inside port of distributing valve. Meanwhile, roller drives cam rotating clockwise, by which impel distributing valve moving. As both of them rotate at the 45 degree, operation goes into Diagram 2-22b state. O fuel dispenser peration in Diagram 2-22b: as the time when Piston 4 and Piston 2 continue inlet and discharge, respectively, cylinder 1 and cylinder 3 start to inlet oil and discharge. Roller 4 and Roller 3 together drive cam rotating clockwise, as cam and distributing valve turn around 45 degree, operation goes into Diagram 2-22c state. Operation in Diagram 2-22c: as the time when Piston 1 and Piston 3 continue inlet and discharge oil, respectively, cylinder 1start to drive cam rotating clockwise. When cam and distributing valve turn around 45 degree, operation goes into Diagram 2-22d state. Operation in Diagram 2-22d is same to that of in diagram 2-22a. Diagram 2-22: Working principle chart of four-piston measurement transducer Discharge adjustment Fuel dispenser has passed the discharge adjustment so as to meet the accuracy requirement. Due to mechanical abrasion in long period of operation real discharge would deviate from academic discharge, resulting in accuracy decline. As the deviation appears, adjusting discharge could satisfy the accuracy requirement. The detailed adjustment methods as followed: at the beginning pull out the pin on hand wheel, turn wheel clockwise to reduce di fuel dispenser

technical specification

    it carte 5   flux)   fuel dispenser Contr 磍e de validit carte:   acceptabilit transaction (cumul   porteurjourn e)   4 risque accepteur (autorisation)   risque acqu reur (liste de BIN   R ponse validit carte 6 contr 磍e)   er   D termination 1 fuel dispenser certificat   5 D clenchement de demande   Echange dautorisation (optionnel)   dautorisation 7   Gestion de lautorisation   6 R ponse dautorisation 8   ╩e   D termination 2 certificat -   7 script   (Distribution de carburant)   Demande denregistrement de   8 transaction 9   Enregistrement transaction   Compte-rendu denregistrement de Formatage ticket client   9   fuel dispenser

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