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U102-A Pumping Unit


U102-A Pumping Unit


Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)

seals: Buna-N

Technical Specifications:

Working Motor Power: 750 W

Maximum. Flow: 60L/min

Rotary speed of pump: 520 rip

Noise: 68db(A)

Minimum. vacuum degree: 0.054Mpa

Pressure Drop: 0.12-0.25Mpa

Separate Ability of Oil and Air: >=20%

Features :

Positive displacement, self priming, internal gear type and adjustable bypass valve.

Designed for quiet, vibration-free operation.

Reusable suction strainer filter at inlet connection.

Reverse check valve at air separator float mechanism.

Check and relief valve at outlet of pumping unit.

100% Factory Tested.

Replacement Parts:

Key Description Materials

1 Coupling Aluminum

2 Sealing O-ring φ82*24 Buna-N

3 Sealing gasket-ring Buna-N

4 Up cap Aluminum

5 Floating kits Swell Buna

6 Cap Aluminum

7 Screen kits

8 Overfill prevention valve kits

9 Graphite vane Graphite

10 Body Aluminum

11 Outler valve kits

12 Cap Brass

13 Sealing gasket Aluminum

14 Exhausting Joint Buna-N

15 Pipe Kits Aluminum

16 Sealing gasket Buna-N

17 Sealing gasket Buna-N


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U102-A 17.5kg/case of 1 18.5kg/case of 1 35.5x27x33cm/case of 1

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    o lock black card; Overdraft prevention Fuel dispenser will not start if balance of IC card is less than the minimum value prescribed; Fuel dispenser will automatically stop filing when the balance of IC card reach the minimum prescribed in whichever filling mode, and deduct turnover according to real volume; Identifying card type Automatically identify type of IC card, provide prescribed service for each card according to system presetting; No filing to exterior system card; Non-local card not access to filling in offline state; Any operation can be done by exterior staff; Operation fuel dispenser of pump verification (optional) The function of this card is similar to driver card, which is subject to prescribed filling station; Deduction record should transmit to the background of filling station. Its record format is same t fuel dispenser o that of driver card; The solution methods of put-to-grey and grey sign erasion are same to that of staff card. Inquiry of basic information Display holder’s name; (optional) Inquiry of balance; Password application Supporting password requirements (has or hasn’t password) Prompting password covert enter; Press ‘confirm?key to finish password enter; If the time input password exceeds prescription, IC card will be lock automatically and invalid to any fuel dispenser; Many personnel employ one password; (optional) Anti-inappropriate operation Convenient to modify inappropriate operation; System will give an alarm to again enter data as presetting value beyond balance; if don’t change that, fuel dispenser only operates at prescribed minimum value; Fuel dispenser keyboard is locked in filling process; If IC card is pulled fuel dispenser out in filling process fuel dispenser will immediately stop. Only after turnover deduction can IC card is used again. Staff operation Filling station staff access to register on-duty or off-duty through keyboard and staff card on IC card fuel dispenser or centre controller; Get statistic data of turnover in on-duty time; Access to su

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