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U103-A Filter


U103-A Filter

This device is mainly applied in the system of dispenser to remove the solid sedimentation is the oil ,ensuring the cleaning of the oil or like ,and as a result to extend the life span and accuracy of the flow meter. In the system of dispenser ,it is fixed between the oil pump and the flow meter.


Body: Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)

Seals: Buna-N

Technical Specifications:

Working pressure:0.2Mpa

Filter accuracy:30um

Flow Rate:65L/min

Rating Medium:Gasoline,Kerosene, Diesel

100% Factory Tested.


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U103-A 2kg/case of1 2.2kg/case of1 20x13x14cm/case of1

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    scharge, turn anticlockwise to increase discharge; reassemble hand wheel pin and lead-seal it after adjustment. Common failure and Troubleshooting The main failure of four-piston measurement transducer includes outside leakage and accuracy decline. As appear outside leakage, all seal sections should be inspected. Generally, failure will be solved through removing damaged or aging sealed components. Diagram 2-22: working principle of four-piston measurement transducer Through long time of operation, the accuracy of measurement transducer is declined due to fuel dispenser various abrasion occurred on cam, ideal wheel, distributing valve, valve seat, and piston. From start, regulating adjusting wheel makes the accuracy meet the requirements about national metrology appraisal. If still can’t reach the wanted accuracy, some abrasion examinations should be conducted, including components of piston, distributing valve and valve seat. These components surfaces are fragile to be scratched by hard grain, increasing inner leakage and accuracy decline. If appear above situation, replace piston or grind the surfaces of distributing valve and valve seat. Double soft piston measurement transducer The article will introduce the structure, working principle and maintenance. Structure This type of measurement transducer has two soft pistons, smaller than four-piston type. Appearance and partial cutaway view is illustrated in Diagram 2-23, structure and key components in Diagram 2-24. Dia fuel dispenser gram 2-23: Cutaway view and figure of four-piston measurement transducer It has two pistons formed a 120 degree angle, driven by connecting rod that force crankshaft moving. Component cylinder is installed in parallel. The two rolling bearings respectively installed on connecting rod and crankshaft reduces the friction. The end of connecting rod contacts with bushing. The oil discharge is controlled by distrib fuel dispenser uting valve that communicating with inlet and outlet. On the top of distributing valve mounted a bearing used for installing cranks

technical specification

    Use a PELV source with a current of 10 A at 50 Hz. Test time of each application shall be 10 s.   Execute tests between the main PE terminal and various metal parts that are part of the protective bonding circuit   such as frames etc.   ?0 1 ?(1 V voltage drop). For criteria see   The resistance between measured point and PE terminal shall be   Table 3. Insulation resistance tes fuel dispenser ts   -- - - ---   For basic information see 19.3 of EN 60204 1:1997.   The insulation resistance shall be measured at 500 Vdc between the power connections and the PE terminal. For   criteria see Table 3. Voltage test   For basic information see 19.4 of EN 60204 1:1997.   Voltage of 1 000 V at 50 Hz between the power supply connections and the PE terminal shall be applied for 1 s.   For criteria see Table 3. Functional tests   The functions of the electrical equipment shall be tested according to the manufacturers specifications for the   configuration under test. Particular attention shall b fuel dispenser e taken to safety related functions e.g. emergency stop.   6.2 Routine tests   6.2.1 Electrical tests   Electrical tests shall be executed as listed in Table 3.   36       Table 3 Routine electrical tests   Test fuel dispenser Requirement Test method

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