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U103-B Filter


U103-B Filter


Body: Aluminum(spray-painted)

Technical Specifications:

Working pressure:0.2Mpa

Filter accuracy:30um

Maximum flow rate:220L/min


Features :




Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U103-B 18kg/case of35 19kg/case of35 50×28×35cm/case of35

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    haft. The spring between top cover and distributing valve is used for enforcing sealability. The two gears synchronous to crankshaft moving transmit rotation number into pulse sensor. Working principle This type measurement transducer is similar to a set of hydraulic motor, which is driven by pressured oil. Thus, the discharge is corresponded to the crankshaft rotation. As distributing valve’s position is certain when oil flowing into measurement transducer, the piston discharge or inflow also is constant. Pistons depend upon the different oil pressure of inflow and discharge to move, which form a shuttle movement. The above two pistons movements create a third cylinder, which also has a 120 degree angle. The dynamic working circulation is showed in Diagram 2-25. As the diameter and m fuel dispenser oving distance of piston is certain, the relation between movement and crankshaft rotation also fixed. In every two times inflow or discharge of piston, crankshaft turn around a circle, oil volume in inlet or outlet progress is constant. 1-Piston 2-Crankshaft 3-4-Connecting rod 5-Screw 6-Bearing 7-Bushing 8-Frame 9-Distributing valve 10-Top cover 11-Bearing 12-Spring 13-14-Gear 15-Adjusting bolt 16-T-shaped key 17-Sider cover Diagram 2-24: Structural drawing of four-piston measurement transducer Diagram 2-25: Working principal drawing This type of measurement transducer includes 1L circulation discharge and 0.5 L circulation discharge,selecting according to wanted discharge of fuel dispenser. Discharge adjustment Over a long period of operation the accuracy of measurement transducer declined due to either parts abrasion or large change in oil temperature and viscosity. Therefore, regulative device often used to adjust the accuracy within the stipulated scope of national metrology appraisal. The following procedure is conducted as measurement accuracy decline. (See Diagram 2-26) Diagram 2-26: Mechanical adjusting device Take out the seal ring on front adjusting bolt; Pull out screw plug; See a regula fuel dispe fuel dispenser nser

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      MPA V5.2: SPECIFICATIONS TECHNIQUES   Nb Pages : 1 + 0 PJ   de la LIAISON AUTOMATE-MONETIQUE   Date :  POS Department   Description TPV DAC Remarques  2.6.8 Charger pour une application les param ╰res d appel ?un syst ╩e acqu reur de t l chargement X  2.6.3 Charger pour une appli fuel dispenser cation les param ╰res d appel ?un syst ╩e acqu reur de t l param trage X  2.6.5 Charger pour une application les param ╰res d appel ?un syst ╩e acqu reur d autorisation X  2.4.2 Charger pour une application le mode facturation t l com X  2.4.4 Charger pour une application le code pays du syst ╩e X  2.4.5 Charger pour une application le code langue X X Note 5  2.12.1 Charger pour une application l heure GMT X  2.2.2 Charger pour une application le code activation d appel X  2.4.9 Charger pour une application l identifiant pseudo session de l accepteur carte X  2.4.1 Charger pour une application les param ╰res de gestion du mode appelant appel X  MF Chargement pour une application des param ╰res de r f rence  2.2.1 Charger pour une application l enseigne de l accepteur X  2.5.10 Charger pour une application le fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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    executives their jobs. Last week, the federal attorney in California s Northern District—which includes Silicon Valley, home to many of the option-addicted tech firms that are the focus of the scandal—announced a task force to focus on backdating. The first criminal charges are said to be imminent. Blaming “greed, slovenliness and unlawful conduct? Harvey Pitt, a former chairman of the SEC, says backdating may have broken tax laws and corporate internal-control laws, including the Sarbanes-Oxley act, resulted in fraudulent corporate proxy statements, and even violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices act, which among other things prohibits the falsification of documents to gain control of a firm s assets. Behind the headlines, opinions differ about the extent of backdating, how much fuel dispenser of it is criminal, and what to do about it. Ira Kay of Watson Wyatt, a compensation consultant, questions the statistical rigour of some of the academic analysis that has given life to the scandal. A recent study by two economists, Randall Heron and Erik Lie, found that some 18.9% of option grants supposedly made at market prices during the period 1996-2005 were backdated or otherwise manipulated to take advantage of favourable share-price movements. Such manipulation was done by 2,270 firms, or 29.2% of those in the sample. Yet, argues Mr Kay, the study conflates two very different activities—actual backdating and the timing of options to take advantage of market-sensitive news about the company that the management knew was about to become public. Granting options shortly before announcing good news in this way is called “spring-loading? Delaying a grant until after bad news is announced is called “bullet-dodging? Cooking the books Whether there is anything wrong with spring-loading or bullet-dodging is much debated. Paul Atkins, an SEC commissioner, recently rebutted suggestions that such grants were really a form of insider trading. Boards may choose to time grants in this way fo fuel dispenser fuel dispenser