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U104-B 3-phase Connection


U104-B 3-phase Connection

This type of meter is used to fuel dispensers for measurement of pressurized oil.


Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)


Net Weight:

1.7kg/case of 1

Gross Weight: 1.9kg/case of 1

Dimension: 36x15x15cm/case of 1

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    cation, the two categories of mechanism are adopted according to varied needs. COS security system COS safety system mainly consists of three sections: Safety state: current safety classification of card, which is used for judging holder whether or not has right to operate. Before power of IC card being connected, COS just has the minimum right to operation. Only pass authenticatio fuel dispenser n, like password verification and interactive authentication, can access to higher rights. Safety state is stored and indicated in special memory. Security attribute: every file has a corresponding requirement whether or not conduct an operation. Only security state meets file’s needs, operation concerned can be conducted. Therefore, security attribute is also called operation purview. When prepare to conduct an item of operation, system would automatically inspect current security classification whether or not meet requirement of purview. Security mechanism: based upon above security structure, it is needed to establish a security mechanism to interchange safety state, so that connectin fuel dispenser g safety state and security attribute. In other words, make valid user holding relevant operating right, and hinder illegal user. Generally, the transformation of safety state includes password verification, authentication, encryption /decryption.etc. PIN authorization Verifying PIN, like using bank card, terminal transmit password into IC card, in which being compared with the password stored in secret area. Card holder gets operation right if passwords are matched. If fail to match there are only three times to try. After three times card holder is supposed as illegal user, verifying PIN is closed. PIN authentication technology has a long history, which is only testify card holder whether or not know password, unable to testify he or she whether legitimate holder. Because of the shortcoming, a series of new authenticating technology have researched that employs human creation trait to distinguish personal identification. At prese fuel dispenser

technical specification

    etails of transport   level (sockets details).   RequestID RequestIDType Required ID of the request; for univocal referral Echo.   OverallResult RequestResultType Required It gives the result of the requested operation. See fuel dispenser above table   for detail.   Terminal  Element   Mandatory. Terminal data contains ISO8583 reference (e.g. useful in case of need to reverserefund).  attributes Name Type Use Annotation   TerminalID TerminalIDType Required Terminal reference   TerminalBatch BatchCodeType Optional Batch of terminal when the original transaction was performed   (it might influence fuel dispenser the feasibility) . Not used in loyalty swipe.   TerminalBatch is to be used as global for all terminals or   dedicated to a terminal. The former is required for   GlobalReconciliation.   STAN STANtype Optional STAN as given in ISO8583 dialogue. Not used in loyalty swipe  diagram   Optional. Only when payment awarding redemption refund are involved.  IFSF POSEPS ImplementationGuidelines - Revision - 20060510   Confidential 10052006 Page 17 of 105  attributes Name Type fuel dispenser

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    y head of the UN mission in Congo, the high turnout for the referendum showed “the extent of the desire of the population for change and getting beyond 40 years of misrule? Similarly successful elections this year would be another giant leap in the right direction. © 2006 . Tanzania Business as usual Jan 5th 2006 | DAR ES SALAAM From The Economist print editi fuel dispenser on Only one surprise in the Tanzanian elections AP Jakaya Kikwete Tanzania s progressive new president THE election of Jakaya Kikwete as Tanzania s fourth president, on December 14th, was widely expected. It was the margin of his victory that turned heads. Mr Kikwete took 80% of the vote in the presidential election. The Party of the Revolution, or Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), of which Mr Kikwete is the sleekest apparatchik, did even better, winning 206 of 232 parliamentary seats. That was a bitter blow for a fractured op fuel dispenser position that had hoped to win 100 seats and establish a genuine multi-party democracy in Tanzania for the first time. Mr Kikwete, one of Africa s longest-serving foreign ministers, played well everywhere except on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and in the semi-autonomous islands of Zanzibar—two regions where government heavy-handedness has reduced the regimented appeal of CCM. The ruling party tampered with the results in both the presidential and the parliamentary election when Zanzibar voted last October, perhaps foiling an opposition win there. Cynical foreign diplomats in Dar es Salaam who held their peace then lest they should annoy CCM and perhaps encourage violence, may feel vindicated. CCM dominates the 35m strong mainland, whereas Zanzibar has but 1m people. Skirmishes in Zanzibar since the mainland voted in December have been limited, so far, and CCM has made extravagant promises about better schools and health care fo fuel dispenser