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U105 Nozzle Boot


U105 Nozzle Boot


Body: Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U105-A 1.5kg/case of1 1.6kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-B 1.7kg/case of1 1.8kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-C 1.1kg/case of1 1.2kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-D 1.3kg/case of1 1.4kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-E 1.5kg/case of1 1.6kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-F 1.7kg/case of1 1.8kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

U105-G 1.7kg/case of1 1.8kg/case of1 8.9×7.7×41cm/case of1

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    the product vary largely and different performance and failure as well. The following just introduce some general methods to solve troubles. 3.1. Inefficient performance The bad separate capacity present as: large foam appears in oil indicator as refueling, accuracy is affected. Maintenance methods and procedure as followed. Firstly to check the nut and plug on strainer whether loose, whether leakage at joint face as stopping operation. If failure is still exists after solve the sealing problem of strainer cover, conduct next progress. Check whether pipeline leakage between tank and fuel dispensers. The check method is to disconnect the end cover of strainer, and to find whether exist oil in low pressure chamber; if no oil or oil level go down slowly, there is some leaking places in pipeline or bottom valve. Inspect exhausting valve seat. Open upper cover and inspect the small hole at exhausting valve seat whether stuck. If the hole is stuck or narrowed by waste, oil indicator would appear much foam due to air leaking into vapor separate chamber. The method to solve trouble is that dredge hole and clean groove, making enough area. Note that the area should don’t too large, large room easily c fuel dispense fuel dispenser r auses leaking oil at exhausting pipe. Check vapor separate chamber. Under normal condition oil level in the chamber should keep a half capacity so that ensure air fuel dispenser can’t reach into low pressure chamber. (Different products with various oil level). If there is no oil or low level in vapor separate chamber, the taper valve would not plug the hole of return oil valve seat, so as air reaching into low pressure chamber via taper valve and returned oil valve. The solution is that inspecting the axis of returned valve and the hole of returned oil valve seat. Reassembling them after solve problems. 3.2. Exhaust pipe leakage When tank position is higher than that of fuel dispenser, exhausting pipe will leak oil. Plugging exhausting pipe could solve leakage phenomenon. If found leakage on tank the following procedure

technical specification

    data from a CD. The access to the error data is done by the database address   CD_ID + CDEC + ERROR_ID. The CDEC = 40H is used to ask for all error code data. Please note that the CD should   return all error codes supported (this means that all error types listed below must be sent).   CONTROLLER DEVICE ERROR CODE DATA BASE   DB_Ad = CD_ID (01H) + CDEC (41H) + ERROR_ID (01H-3FH)  November 2004 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL Version 2.00   CONTROLLER DEVICE APPLICATION   Page: 16  Data_ID Field Type ReadWrite in MO   Data Element Name   Description State   (State)  ERROR DATA   1 fuel dispense fuel dispenser r bin8 R( ) M   Error_Type   Every error has a unique error code. This number fuel dispenser is the same number as used   (01H)   in the address ERROR_ID of this database.   A list of all errors is at the end of this table.   The CDP generates an unsolicited message when a major or minor error   occurs.   2 asc20 R( ) M   Error_Description   Description of the error.   (02H)

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