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U202-A Power board


U202-A Power board

Features :

Lighting-proof design

Linear powder design, the high and low voltage isolated


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    oil, so as to reduce the volume of drained oil. Turn adjusting bolt clockwise to reduce discharge, anticlockwise to increase discharge. Therefore, changing the position of bolt enable discharge approach academic volume and reach the requirements on measurement transducer of national appraisal regulations. As two regulative bolts access to adjusting piston, the adjusting fuel dispenser discharge in a circulation per bolt can be calculated in the following formula: △V = 1/2πd12 nt (2--4 ) △V ── adjusting value in per circulation; D1 ── diameter of regulative piston; n ── turning number of adjusting bolt; t ── screw- pitch of adjusting bolt. There is another metal piston measurement transducer in current market. See the Diagram 2-19. Regulative piston is singularly installed in piston rather than connect with rod in this model. Its adjusting value in terms of per adjusting bolt is: △V = 1/4πd2 nt (2--5 ) Common failure and Troubleshooting Metal piston measurement transducer has the two common failures --- accuracy decline and mechanical trouble. Measure accuracy beyond scope The allowed measurement accuracy of fuel dispenser is ±0.3 %, repeated tolerance no more than 0.15 % according to the stipulation of JJG443-98 Fuel dispenser. The maximum al fuel dispenser lowed tolerance of min. measured valve don’t exceed ±0.5 %,its repeated tolerance no more than 0.25 %. The ratio of maximum flow (Q max.) to minimum flow (Q min.) is 10 to 1. as fuel dispenser leave factory. The ratio should not be l fuel dispenser ess than 5: 1 in inspecting at operation locale. All of exceeded tolerance is regarded as beyond measurement accuracy. There are many elements and reasons resulting in measurement accuracy beyond scope, including unstable hydraulic system (extensive pressure fluctuation), electric system failure, thick colloid in frictional interface, measurement transducer abrasion, etc. The last two reasons will mainly be introduced in this article. Regulating adjusting

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    pplication.  Main Flow Description  1. Cashier or POS application triggers the echo.  2. If POS fails the process is aborted and the cashier has to recover the POS.  3. POS requests to EPS the echo.  4. If message invalid it is repeated or the process is aborted and the cashier receives a specific   alarm.  5. EPS performes the echo to the host.  6. If fuel dispenser EPS gets into an exception status transaction not possible to complete the transaction   gives a negative response.  August 2002 IFSF STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP319_1.00   EPS POS INTERFACE SPECIFICATION   Page 41 of 146  7. If POS fails to receive a response from EPS (EPS failure) it considers the echo failed.  8. If EPS tells POS the response but POS has failed (e.g. fails to get the acknowledge) it   considers the echo failed.  9. If completed EPS tells POS the result (positive or negative).  10. If successful the link is available.  11. If the result is negative no on-line operation is possible until the link is recovered (or no   operation atall if failure is at site).  3.15 Part A - use case: Login  Each workstation h fuel dispenser as to logon to the EPS application before being able to perform any operation.  This operation is accepted even without a logoff operation before it (e.g. crash of application: restart and  logon again).  Pre-Conditions  The fuel dispenser cashierSiteManager wants to start operate card acceptance at the POS or the POS Sell applications  triggers it under predefined conditions.  Actors  Actor Description  Cashier Person who might trigger the operation on the POS Sell application.  POS The application (or device) that allows the Cashier to enter transactions into the  

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    -eastern Paktia, 100 Pushtun elders gathered last month to discuss worrying local insecurity. In 2004 they had ensured that their tribes voted to a man for Mr Karzai. Summing up the new mood, Rasul Jan, a black-turbaned elder, said “Let God remove Karzai today—and America give us someone different.?After the Punjwai bombing, Mr Karzai visited the southern capital of fuel dispenser Kandahar, his home town, to apologise to the tribal elders. According to one who attended the meeting, the elders warned the president that in the event of a repetition they would exhume the bones of his father from Kandahar s soil. More happily, most Afghans still welcome foreign help. But not all. On May 29th, after an accident in which an American army jeep killed five people, several hundred locals rampaged through Kabul, looting and burning the offices of foreign businesses and aid agencies. American troops were accused of shooting into the mob, causing the deaths of at least some of the 25 people killed in the riot. Mr Karzai, it is said, feared that former Northern Alliance commanders were attempting a coup. He has rehired the most powerful of them, Mohammed Fahim, as his adviser. All this no doubt delights the world s top three fugitives Osama bin Laden, his deputy Ayman al- Zawahiri, and Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Tali fuel dispenser ban s one-eyed leader. They have distributed a spate of video- and audio-taped messages recently, celebrating the mayhem, and predicting more of it. In their predictions at least, diplomats in Kabul agree with them. The reconstr fuel dispenser uction effort has had some solid successes 5m Afghan children now go to school, 70% of the population now receives basic health care. And in the bazaars of Kabul, Mazar-i-Sharif and Herat the trade is brisk. But many people are disappointed, in part because of the unrealistic hopes raised by foreign and local politicians at elections. Only 6% of Afghans have access to electricity, little more than in Taliban days. Many of the 3m refugees who came home after the Taliban