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U203-A Display


U203-A Display


6 digits volume,6 digits sales,4 digits price per unit

Big LCD screen and bright backlight

running normally on the condition of -40 C to 55 C



100% Factory Tested.

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    te of Diagram 2-18d after rounding 90 degree. Diagram 2-18d: it is the continuation of the state showed in the diagram 2-18c. Nylon wheel rotates clockwise, and come to the state of Diagram 2-18a after rounding 90 degree. The four fuel dispenser pistons discharge out a certain oil under different oil pressure, meanwhile, nylon wheel drive export axis round. Each rotation of export axis means a working circulation. Discharge adjustment The cubage of oil discharged by measurement transducer depends upon the moving distance and cross section of piston according to the working principal. The moving distance of piston is twice as many as of connecting board. Thus, the oil cubage discharged in a circulation fuel dispenser can be showed in the following formula: Vaca = π(d/2)2×2L×4=2πd2L (2--2) Vaca──Academic discharge in a circulation; d──Diameter of piston; L──The center of connecting board The formula of 2-2 is an ideal discharge volume. But there are many elements affecting discharge, including the centre distance of connecting board, diameter tolerance between piston and bushing, in fuel dispenser consistent clearance between piston and cylinder, different oil viscosity under various temperature, different fluid fluctuation in varied hydraulic system, and measurement transducer variable loan. Thereby, the real discharge is: V real = V ac ?△V (2-3) V real ── Real discharge; V ac ──Academic discharge; V?──Dispersion of academic discharge and real discharge . In order to make the real discharge near to the academic one and ensure keeping the stable and correct relation between the real discharge and export axis, rational design, high machining accuracy and necessary adjustment are needed. The adjusting device mounts two regulative pistons installed in a pair of piston. They are connected with a rod, moving along with pistons until near to furthest point and hit the bolt of adjusting cover. But piston still move, its room substituted by

technical specification

    IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP31_2.23   DISPENSER APPLICATION   fuel dispenser Page: 59   CALCULATOR DATABASE   DB_Ad = C_DAT (01H)   Data Field Type ReadWrite MO   Data Element Name   Description   _Id (Values) in State   3 fuel dispenser Bin8 R(1-9) M   Nb_Fuelling_Modes   (03H) (1-8) W(1-2)   Number of fuelling modes defined.   0 = not configured   n = number of fuelling modes   Please note that dispensers that do not permit the   Nb_Fuelling_M fuel dispenser odes to be changed remotely should:   Reject any write attempts with a Data_ACK   value of 2 (Read OnlyNot Writable).   Must set the Nb_Fuelling_Modes to the value of   fuelling modes that is hard coded in their program.   When a master resetcold start occurs on the dispenser   device the dispenser should reset this Data_Id to its   default value.   4 Bin8 R(1-9) M   Nb_Meters   (04H) (1-16) W(1-2)   Number of meter defined.   0 = not configured   n = number of meters   Please note that dispensers that do not permit the   N

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    ureaucratic elite. From the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (himself of Azeri origin) downwards, Iranian officials have blamed the recent unrest on foreign “enemies? At a time when the American government is looking for I fuel dispenser ranian opposition groups to support, many Iranians believe such claims. Some Azeri nationalists in neighbouring Azerbaijan and others in America used the internet, radio and television broadcasts to incite protesters during the unrest. By contrast, neighbouring Turkey, which also casts a protective eye over its cousins in Iran, kept mum. Turkey s restraint is partly due to shared interests. Kurdish minorities straddle the border. Emboldened by the autonomy no fuel dispenser w enjoyed by Iraq s Kurds, and dispirited by their own nationalist parties, some Iranian Kurds were thrilled last year when Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of Turkey s Kurdish rebel movement, called for a region- wide confederation. Since then, according to Kurds from Sanandaj, the capital of the Iranian province of Kurdistan, scores of recruits have crossed into Iraq to join the Party for Free fuel dispenser Life in Kurdistan (PJAK), an Iranian subsidiary of Mr Ocalan s Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Both groups are based in northern Iraq. Iranian Kurds, especially the Sunni majority, complain that discrimination hurts their promotion chances in the local bureaucracy. In the words of a prominent Iranian Kurdish academic, they “loathe?the state s pro-government Kurdish-language television station. Many Kurds tune in to Roj TV, which carries PJAK propaganda. The PJAK s popularity has gone up since a Kurdish criminal suspect died at the hands of Iran s security forces last summer, causing much rioting. A Kurdish group says the security forces killed ten demonstrators in a single incident in February. The Turks were unbothered by Iran s bombardment of suspected PJAK positions in Iraq last month. The Iranians have handed over captured PKK fighters to the Turks, and both countries recently massed troops near th