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U203-E Display


U203-E Display

This device is mainly applied in the system of dispenser to remove the solid sedimentation is the oil ,ensuring the cleaning of the oil or like ,and as a result to extend the life span and accuracy of the flow meter. In the system of dispenser ,it is fixed between the oil pump and the flow meter.


Body: Body: Aluminum (Spray-Painted)

Seals: Buna-N

Technical Specifications:

Working pressure:0.2Mpa

Filter accuracy:30um

Flow Rate:65L/min

Rating Medium:Gasoline,Kerosene, Diesel

100% Factory Tested.


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U103-A 2kg/case of1 2.2kg/case of1 20x13x14cm/case of1

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    wing measuring requirements: Instrument of measurement should have a certain tension and not easily be deformed so as to affect the inner cubage volume. Foam and vapor that dissolved in fuel measured are able to be discharged completely when pouring into instrument of mea fuel dispenser surement. Liquid measured should be discharged after measurement, only a bit being left in container. Valve of instrument of measurement should have reliable sealability without leakage phenomenon as being full of oil. Indicating pipe on measurer should be made of glass without defect on inner diameter so as to hinder observation. Connection between measuring neck and scale should be fixed in order to keep stably relative position. The line on indicating glass should be legible and clear, width being no more than 0.25mm. The inner of measuring neck is depended upon measurer’s accuracy. As for Class II metal standard measurer, the ratio of corresponding liquid volume of per millimeter to measurable volume of measurer is no more than 5×10?. Disch fuel dispenser arge time of measurer relies on the diameter of bottom valve. It is leaned from experiment that the longer time of unload the less residual liquid left, better promoting measurement accuracy, and vice versa. Thereby, in order to control the tolerance occurred by discharge velocity and time and residual volume during approval progress, discharge condition and pouring-out time is regulated generally that opening fully bottom valve start to count two minutes from liquid dropping, then close bottom valve; or fully open bottom valve and close it after 3 minutes. Indicated value generally read out as showed at the bottom of curve in indicating glass. Apart from standard measurer applied in fuel dispenser inspection and approval, there is thermometer or temperature sensor, measured range ?0?to ?0? minimum value 0.2? which used to measure temperatures of liquid that passed over nozzle vent and in standard measurer. One of purpose to measure temperature is to make modification of fuel dispenser

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    d feed her young. Just what effect parenting might have on the brains of fathers has remained an open question, however. Male rats sometimes eat their young rather than nurture them, which makes them a poor model for studying how fatherhood affects the brains of species fuel dispenser that frown on infanticide. Marmoset fathers on the other hand are a model of paternal devotion. They carry their babies for more than half the time during the offspring s first three months, passing them to the mother only when the babies need to be fed. Elizabeth Gould of Princeton University and her colleagues compared the brains of marmoset fathers with those of males that lived in mated pairs, but lacked offspring. They found substantial differences. The nerve cells in the prefrontal cortex of fathers had more tiny projections, known as dendritic spines, than those of non-fathers. Because dendritic spines are the sites of connection between neighbouring nerve cells, the increased number may mean more activity in the fathers brains than in fuel dispenser those of the non- fathers. The nerve cells in the prefrontal cortex of the fathers also contained more receptors for vasopressin, a small peptide that influences social behaviour and pair-bonding. The researchers also showed that, as the offspring aged and fathers became detached from them, the abundance of vasopressin receptors fell. This suggests that the parental behaviour is associated with the changes in the brain. The work is published this week in Nature Neuroscience. What does this mean for human fathers? It is hard to tell. The attention of marmoset fathers makes them an extreme example of fatherhood. Human fathers do not usually get involved to anything like the same extent. That said, the scientists looked at the marmoset s prefrontal cortex because earlier studies had shown that activity in the prefrontal cortex of human parents—male and female alike—increases when they see their own offspring. Thus the same brain region is active in parenting in both species. fuel dispenser