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U203-F Display


U203-F Display


8 digits volume,8 digits sales,6 digits price per unit

1.2”LCD yellow backlight

running normally on the condition of -40 C to 55 C

broad sight scope from all directions

Current:600 mA

100% Factory Tested.



Dimension :

300g/case of 1 120×253×26mm/case of 1

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    other part of pipeline. 3.4. Important notices to maintenance Switch off the power supply to ensure safety; repairing a container to collect pipe oil. Carefully protect the joint face in case that waste goes into inner part when disconnecting and reassembly. Clean all components before reassembly. The tightness of bolt of upper cove fuel dispenser r should be even, installed catercorner. It is suggested to adapt even strength to install other bolts and nuts in case to damage the thread of frame. Article III Measurement transducer The fuel dispenser adapts cubage flow meter composed of measurement transducer and indicator device in accordance fuel dispenser with the stipulation of metrological regulations on fuel dispenser of P.R.C.JJG443. Measurement transducer convert the cubage signal of oil passed over into digital signal, then into pulse signal via electric sensor. Finally, transmitting pulse signal to indicator device in where the oil volume passed over measurement transducer is indicated. Flow meter generally includes two parts--- measurement and indication, but it is often regard flow meter only has measurement function before the new appraisal regulations fuel dispenser promulgation. Obviously, the new regulation is more scientific and accurate in the definition of measurement transducer. Measurement transducer is core component of fuel dispenser. The most basic and important technical parameters are measure accuracy, environmental adaptability and reliability. Its performance depends upon structure parameter design, material choice and manufacturing quality. The correctly usage and maintenance of course are the important condition for measurement transducer operation. Domestic fuel dispenser manufacturers now adapt two kinds of measurement transducers that divided by the model of piston. The following will introduce these two kinds ---- metal-piston measurement transducer and soft-piston measurement transducer. Metal-piston measurement transducer This kind of measurement transducer is adapted by most of manufacturer of fuel di

technical specification

    buffer.   PCD Comment:   When the PCD detects a major error with the proprietary FP or with itself it must   change the IFSF FP status to INOPERATIVE.   Action : The FP sends the unsolicited data FP_Error_Type_Mes .   fuel dispenser The FP state change is send as an unsolicited data array   FP_Status_Message .  March 2006 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP31_2.23   DISPENSER APPLICATION fuel dispenser    Page: 41   MINOR-ERROR If a minor error event occurs the FP does not change the state.   PCD Comment:   When the PCD detects a minor error with the proprietary FP or with itself it must   leave the IFSF FP status as AUTHORISED and generate the respective IFSF   error message.   Action : The FP sends the unsolic fuel dispenser ited data FP_Error_Type_Mes .  FP31_2.23 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL March 2006   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 42  2.1.6 State Started 6   STATE DESCRIPTION   This state implies that the FP was released and a valid logical nozzle has been   STARTED   selected by the customer. This means (explicitly) that the actual fuel transaction   (filling up) has not yet started until a defined minimum volume has been registered   (configured by the contents of the Min_Fuelling_Vol).   Coming into this state the timer for the maximum filling time Max_Fill_Time is  

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