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U204-A Keypad


U204-A Keypad


Adopt ITO material, water-proof design


Running normally on the condition of -40to+55degree

Gilding bottons shrapnel


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    ’t shut. Check valve can’t open fully as amount of waste at the lower part of outlet valve of vapor separator. Upper cover gasket of vapor separator is broken, leads to pressure not enough. 3.5. Pipeline is jammed and bottom valve could not fully open. Serious fluctuation and noise in operation Jammed filter net and too long or too thin pipeline cause heavy loan making big noise. Locked overflow valve or too tight adjusting bolt. Jammed vane causes serious oil fluctuation Pipeline vibrates heavy. Delivery frequency is same to inherent mechanical frequency. instable flow rate as starting Overflow valve works abnormally. Pipeline has U shape curve, generating air resistance. Pipe valve has some trouble. Contain foam in flowing oil Pipe and bottom valve trouble because of ceaseless exhausting air in vapor separator. Exhausting pipe inhales air. Inspect check valve and cone-shaped valve. Vapor separator’s outlet valve and exhausting valve is jammed leading to fail to separate air from oil. Accuracy beyond scope Double optical board is broken in pulse sensor, which leads to countable pulse lost. Inner leakage in measurement transducer causes accuracy beyond range. Change new transducer. As insufficient capacity of vapor separator, check outlet valve and exhausting pipe. Fuel dispenser’s main board is broken, which also lead to inaccuracy. Pipeline leakage causes vapor separator lost function. Motor rotates slowly and become hot as refueling Motor has been destroyed. Winding short circuit or disconnected; starting capa fuel dispenser citor has been damaged in single phase motor; Control circuit of motor is broken, which leads to starting problem. Exterior wiring also cause motor failure, (absent electric phase, long wiring distance, too thin lead, much lower voltage) Oil overflowing in exhausting pipe Smal fuel dispenser l floater is damaged and dropped down in vapor separator. Large amount of oil flow into vapor separating chamber; oil is discharge from exhausting pipe as return valve trouble fuel dispenser

technical specification

    hout data)   appli- appli- Data Element Contents   Data_El   cation cation - the contents of the last application data element   dependent dependent which shall be sent  FP2_1.90 IFSF STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL February 2006   COMMUNICATION SPECIFICATION   Page: 24   1   For data longer than 254 bytes the Data_Lg will have the value 255 and the 2 following bytes   indicate the data length   These messages are generated by the application but the actual recipient addresses of   the messages are generated by the communication layer by using the   Recipient_Addr_Table. For more details see chapter 4.5.   The data elements the recipient receives must be processed sequentially. That means   that all parameter used by a command must be written before the command is   transmitted (in the same message or the previous one).   The following example shows the relationship between a database entry for an   unsolicited message and the message returned.   EXAMPLE DATABASE   DB_Ad = 32H   Data_Id   Field Type   Variable Name   Descripti fuel dispenser on (Value)   CONFIGURATION   100 bin8   EX_Unsolicited_Message   The EX_Unsolicited_M fuel dispenser essage includes: bin8   - EX_1 (Data_Id = 20) fuel dispenser

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