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U205 Solid state relay


U205 Solid state relay


Non-junction switch, long usage life

Controlling voltage among 3-5V, controlled voltage can reach to 380V

100% Factory Tested.


Product ID dimensions: Net Weight Cross Weight

U205-A 110g

U205-B 10g

U205-C 310g

U205-D 20g

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    ur kinds of display mode: Mode I: serial BCD display, in which volume 6 digits, money or sales 6 digits, PPU or unit price 4 digits, totally 16 digits are transmitted out in means of serial mode, realizing operation of memory, coding and drive in display. Diagram 3-5: Main display board figure Mode II: serial display, in which chip transmit 16 digits including volume 6 digits, sales 6 digits and PPU 4 digits, memorizing and driving in display. Mode III fuel dispenser and IV: parallel BCD display, in which chip transmits 16 digits codes including volume 6 digits, sales 6 digits and PPU 4 digits by means of parallel, once time one digit, memorizing, coding and driving in display. Most of fuel dispenser manufacturers recently adopt BCD serial mode to design display board, only very few adopt serial display mode. 1638300217170Display board structures are illustrated in Diagram 3-6 and 3-7. Diagram 3-6: LCD display board structure with parallel drive Diagram 3-7: LCD display board structure with serial drive Being a electric component easy to be failed, the hard structure of display board is introduced in detailed. LCD basic principle and working principle Liquid crystal a stable phase between liquid and solid in terms of thermodynamics, characteristic of not only liquidity and continuity under a certain temperature range, but crystal trait ---- long stick molecule, large proportion of width to length, a bridge between the fuel dispenser two polarities. LCD Structure illustrated in Diagram 3-8, electrodes are made various letters, number or matrix according to different requirements. Diagram 3-8: Basic structure of LCD 8-segment LCD and drive 8-segment display tube has two drive modes of static and hour-division. Fuel dispenser usually adopt static drive mode. Static drive circuit and wave showed in Diagram 3-9, the drive mode of LCD display is varied from that of LED display. As for LED only need to connect invariable conduct or cut off voltage to control emitting or wink of LED, but for LCD should not connect inv fuel dispenser

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