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U206 Micro-switch


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    cation, the two categories of mechanism are adopted according to varied needs. COS security system fuel dispenser COS safety system mainly consists of three sections: Safety state: current safety classification of card, which is used for judging holder whether or not has right to operate. Before power of IC card being connected, COS just has the minimum right to operation. Only pass authentication, like password verification and interactive authentication, can access to higher rights. Safety state is stored and indicated in special memory. Security attribute: every file has a corresponding requirement whether or not conduct an operation. Only security state meets file’s needs, operation concerned can be conducted. Therefore, security attribute is also called operation purview. When prepare to conduct an item of operation, system would automatically inspect current security classification whether or not meet requirement of purview. Security mechanism: based upon above security structure, it is needed to establish a security mechanism to interchange safety state, so that connecting safety state and security attribute. In other words, make valid user holding relevant operating right, and hinder illegal user. Generally, the transformation of safety state includes password verification, authentication, encryption /decryption.etc. PIN authorization Verifying PIN, like using bank card, terminal transmit password into IC card, in which being compared with the password stored in secret area. Card holder gets operation right if passwords are matche fuel dispenser d. If fail to match there are only three times to try. After three times card holder is supposed as illegal user, verifying PIN is closed. PIN authentication technology has a long history, which is only testify card holder whether or not know password, unable to testify he or she whether legitimate holder. Because of the shortcoming, a series of new authenticating technology have researched that employs hu fuel dispenser man creation trait to distinguish personal identification. At prese

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    the London Olympics in 2012, the particular bit of the national interest that the chancellor has iden fuel dispenser tified as being worthy of his support seems to be education. If there was a big idea in Mr Brown s tenth budget, it was that he intends to bridge the gap between the £5,000 a year spent per pupil in state schools and the £8,000 a year spent on average in private schools. Mr Brown said that he could afford to use the £440m extra he had put aside for education to cut taxes, while remaining (just) within his fiscal rules. Investing in education, however, was this budget s considered choice. Mr Brown, it seems, sees this as a goal similar to the one that Mr Blair set for his government in 2000 when he promised that Labour would raise spending on health until it matched the European average. Interestingly, the deficit-ridden National Health Service, the recipient of so much largesse from Mr Brown, got hardly a mention in the chancellor s hour-long overflight of the British state. Responding to a budget speech is one of the more difficult tasks faced by any leader of the opposition. Mr Cameron rose to the occasion with some style and wit, but he was at his most effective when accusing Mr Brown of having squandered money on unreformed public services “Billions raised. Billions spent. No idea where the money s gone. With a record like that, the chancellor should be running for treasurer of the Labour Party.? Mr Cameron s jokes were better and more plentiful than the chancellor s, but Mr Brown has laid down a challenge to th fuel dispenser e Tory leader that is only partially answered by repeating the charge of government profligacy. In effect, Mr Brown has signalled that when he becomes prime minister he will lavish billions more on schools, while clamping down tightly on other departments spending. Mr Cameron will have difficulty matching that pledge while hanging on to any hope of lower taxes in the future. That is a dividing line of fuel dispenser Mr Brown s choosing and one that he believes can win him the