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U208 Electric cable


U208 Electric cable


Temperature: -40~~+105degree

Current-max :9A.Voltage-max:600V

Withstanding Voltage:1500VAC. Contact Resistance :10 milliohms max.

Insulation Resistance 1000 Megohms min.

Japinese molex brand,high quantity

Crimp Housings 4.20mm (.165") Pitch Mini-Fit, Jr. Receptacle, Dual Row.model:5557d

Crimp Terminals 4.20mm (.165") Pitch Mini-Fit Family Crimp Terminals, Female.model:5556

PCB Headers 4.20mm (.165") Pitch Mini-Fit, Jr. Header, Vertical, Dual Row without PCB Snap-In Peg Locks.model:5566vwo


100% Factory Tested.

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    Chapter I Fuel dispenser survey Article I General survey about fuel dispenser’s designation Article II Fuel dispenser’s development history Article III Basic function and category Article IV Basic working principle and configuration of fuel dispenser Chapter II Hydraulic components of fuel dispenser Article I Fuel pump Article II Vapor Separator Article III Measurement transducer Article IV Nozzle Article V Oil indicator fuel dispenser Article VI Solenoid valve Article VII Hydraulic pipeline Chapter III Electric control system of fuel dispenser Article I Main functions of electric control system for fuel dispenser Article II Electric control system configuration of fuel dispenser Article III Card-controlled fuel dispenser Article IV Card-controlled dispenser and reader working flow Article V IC card filling system security Chapter IV Safety and environmental protection in forecourt Article I Lightning-proof Article II Wiring system Article III Earth wire and grounding system Article IV Vapor-Recovery system Chapter V Installation & debugging of fuel dispenser Article Installation Article II Submersible pump type dispenser and its installation Chapter VI Metrological approval of fuel dispenser Article I Metrological management and technical requirements Article II Appraisal condition and apparatus Article III Indicating appraisal methods and data fuel dispenser processing Article IV Important notices in appraisal Chapter VII Failure and Troubleshooting Article I Failure judgment and troubleshooting Articl fuel dispenser e II Pipeline failure and maintenance Article III Important notices to dispenser’s maintenance Article IV Dispenser’s maintenance Chapter I Fuel dispenser survey Article I General survey about fuel dispenser’s designation 1. Fuel dispenser The full name is fuel dispenser for motor vehicles, used for measuring fuel of vehicles. It consists of meter for volumes of liquids, additional devices, and ancillary devices. 2. Liquid-volume meter Liquid-volu

technical specification

    lty award only (payment might have been cash or whatever or separated in a   payment only request; this way no MOP rule is possible).   TotalAmount mandatory.   SalesItems: optional (depending on the cards accepted by the system; if any   fuel dispenser fleet card with product restrictions then it becomes mandatory).   Loyalty: yes (Card PAN or track mandatory).   OriginalTransaction: no.   CardPreAuthorisation Outdoor Self-service or even indoor pre-authorisation without loyalty.   TotalAmount optional (it would provide a specific pre-authorisation maximum   amount).   SalesItems: no.   Loyalty: no.   OriginalTransaction: no.   CardFinancialAdvice Actual payment after the Outdoor Self-service or even indoor pre-authorised refilling   fuel dispenser without loyalty.   TotalAmount: mandatory.  August 2002 IFSF STA fuel dispenser NDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP319_1.00   EPS POS INTERFACE SPECIFICATION   Page 50 of 146   SalesItems: optional (depending on the cards accepted by the system; if any   fleet card with product restrictions then it becomes mandatory).  

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