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U209-A Electro-Mechanical Totalizer


U209-A Electro-Mechanical Totalizer


Power: DC12V

Total :7 digits

100% Factory Tested.


Weight: Dimension:

200g/case of 1 70×32×42mm/case of 1

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    pistons in same axis line are connected through connecting rod. A column spring is set between each piston and connecting rod, piston and connecting rod move along axis direction. An O ring is installed between connecting rod and piston to prevent leakage. A small axis is inserted into the holes of upper and lower connecting rods. A circle nylon wheel is set between the upper groove of upper connecting rod and two pistons. The small axis of nylon wheel is inserted into the hole of crankshaft. Piston 16 and piston 26 mounted adjusting piston. Four pistons installed at the end of frame respectively. The journey of adjusting piston is adjusted by the adjusting bolt installed at the end cover. 1-Outlet elbow 2-End cover 3-Piston 4-Frame 5-Connecting sheet 6-Low connecting bar 7-Upper connecting rod fuel dispenser 8-Cylinder bushing 9-Adjusting bolt 10-Cap nut 11-Regulalting piston 12-Driving elbow 13-Brass bushing 14-O-ring 15-Rotation output axis 16-Nylon wheel Diagram 2-17: Structural chart of metal piston measurement transducer Working principle Pistons shuttle under the oil pressure after clean and no-air oil flow into measurement transducer via vapor separator. The two pistons16 and 23 illustrated in Diagram 2-16 impel nylon wheel round one after another, the driving elbow is rotated by the axis of nylon wheel and export the number of rotation. Meanwhile, the oil calculated flow out of outlet through measurement transducer. The rotation is corresponding to the oil volume. The oil volume passed over measurement transducer is a stable constant. A complete working circulation of four pistons under oil pressure is corresponded to a unit circle of export axis. Diagram 2-18 shows the four working status during fuel dispenser a whole working circulation. Diagram 2-18 is a simplified working principle drawing of measurement transducer. In order to facilitate explanation label the cylinders and pistons as 1, 2, 3 and 4, the position of most far away the center of piston called the furthest point, nearest position called the nearest point fuel dispenser

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    TotalAmount: no.   SalesItems: no.   Loyalty: no.   OriginalTransaction: Mandatory   PaymentRefund OriginalTransaction data necessary. Original requested Payment will be refunded   according to the request detail (it might be a partial refund).   TotalAmount: Mandatory.   SalesItems: optional (depending on the cards accepted by the system; if any   fleet fuel dispenser card with product restrictions then it becomes mandatory)..   Loyalty: no.   OriginalTransaction: Mandatory   PaymentLoyaltyRefund OriginalTransaction data necessary. Original requested Payment will be refunded   according to the request detail (it might be a partial refund) and loyalty points   awarded on that will be withdrawn.   TotalAmount: Mandatory.   SalesItems: optional (depending on the cards accepted by the system; if any   fleet card with product restrictions then it becomes mandatory)..   fuel dispenser Loyalty: yes (Card PAN or track optional: mandatory if managed in a separate   loyaltyswipe).   OriginalTransaction: fuel dispenser

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