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U209-B 8-digit electronic counter


U209-B 8-digit electronic counter


Power: DC12V

Total :8digits counting pulse width more than 40 ms

100% Factory Tested.


Weight: Dimension:

150g/case of 1 70×32×42mm/case of 1

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    ine bad effects of accuracy. 2. Pipeline noise Noise and tremble are not generated by pipe itself but hydraulic shock, pipe resonance and pressure pulse. Here explain, combining operation and maintenance of fuel dispense, these reason for noise and tremble 2.1 Hydraulic collision Hydraulic collision refers to the phenom fuel dispenser enon in which oil pressure in pipeline is increased quickly as pipe switch open or close or liquid changing flow dire fuel dispenser ction. Hydraulic collision could lead to pipeline noise, which are result from piston changing direction of measurement transducer and witching on or off pipe valve. Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ (v2=0,t≤T) (2-10) Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ ·Tt (v2=0,t≤T) (2-11) Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ ( partial v2?,t≤T) (2-12) Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ ·Tt (partial v2?,t≤T) (2-13) In above formulae: Δρ── increasing pressure value; υ1── previous velocity of flow υ2── latter velocity of flow T ── time that start from collision to reflect T=2la T ── changing time of velocity of flow fromυtoυ2 E0 ─ fuel dispenser elastic volume of fluid cubage E ── elastic modulus of pipeline d ── inner diameter of pipe δ── pipe thickness l ── diffused distance of shock wave a ── diffused speed of shock wave The above formulae illustrate four kinds of stock pressure on pipe in corresponding operations in which switching on or off nozzle quickly or slowly. They also explain that slowly switch on and off nozzle generating less collision pressure than that of rapidly under a certain parameter of pipeline system of fuel dispenser. Similarly, it is applicable to stock noise. Therefore, user shall slowly turn on and off nozzle in operation so as to reduce hydraulic stock and noise, and prolong fuel life service of fuel dispenser. Most of manufacturers of fuel dispensers have mounted anti hydraulic stock device in hydraulic system in order to abate the effects to fuel dispensers.

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    is important that there should be no concurrent block cut messages from any one   device since the header for a block cut message does not contain a token.   MESSAGE HEADER = LNAR LNAO IFSF_MC BL   Thus it is not possible to recombine block cut messages correctly if there are   fuel dispenser concurrent block cut messages from a given device.  3.4.2 Ambiguity of Response Messages   There m fuel dispenser ay be confusion about which particular AnswerAcknowledge response   pertains to which original ReadWrite message. Since some Read messages also   receive Acknowledge messages there can only be one sequence of tokens not   separate sequences for Reads and Writes. Hence the maximum number of outstanding   messages from a given device should be 32 or less.  3.4.3 NACK Reads   There is a limit to the number of messages which a target device can buffer. In the   case of messages overrunning the target device it could NACK any messages beyond   its capacity using MS_AC fuel dispenser K = 07 (Device busy). The initiator should then wait for   approximately 2 seconds and then repeat its message. A NACK read will also occur   when it is not possible to read from a database location.  FP2_1.89 IFSF STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL June 2005   COMMUNICATION SPECIFICATION   Page: 26  4 IFSF Communication Services   This chapter defines the services provided by the communications layer and the way   to access to these services. That means the interface between the application (layer 7)   and the communication (layer 6).  4.1 Addressing   Each device will be locally able to define its own node address that means: Subnet and   Node numbers (S N). Different solutions are possib

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    But Mr Fan has no plans to display objects relating to the Cultural Revolution s factional warfare and other violence. “It s not just that I m too cowardly and don t want trouble, but I also think it wouldn t be good for the peace of society,?he says. He may perhaps do so in 20 years. © 2006 . fuel dispenser About sponsorship Japan Ikonoclast May 18th 2006 | TOKYO From The Eco fuel dispenser nomist print edition Debating issues in Japanese politics? What a droll idea TARA KONO, a vice-minister and member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), points out a dispiriting feature of the race to succeed Junichiro Koizumi as prime minister in September none of the potential candidates is talking about the issues that really matter to voters. Mr Kono has a point—especially about pensions. In Japan, as in most developed countries, the pension system works by taking contributions from those in work to pay for those in retirement. This works fine with a growing population. But Japan s population is now falling, and the proport fuel dispenser ion that is over 65, at 19.5%, is already the highest in the world. That figure will reach nearly 30% by 2025, as Japan s post-war generation of baby-boomers is now starting to retire. The number of younger people is also falling fast, meaning fewer workers supporting ever more pensioners. The government has taken a few steps to deal with the problem. The pension system has two parts. The contributions that employees and employers make to the earnings-related part will go up a notch each year until 2017, and the minimum mandatory retirement age will rise from 60 to 65 between 2013 and 2025. Contributions to the basic state pension, available to everyone, will also go up; the monthly mandatory contribution of ¥13,860 ($126) is to be raised by ¥280 each year until 2017. If you think that will solve the problem, says Mr Kono, then you are at odds with the millions who are abandoning their obligations to the sys