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U211-A Power Regulator


U211-A Power Regulator


Power in : AC 100V?00V; Power out : AC 200V , 2kW

Voltage protection device under unstable voltage

Easily installed into fuel dispenser

100% Factory Tested.


Weight: Dimension:

10.3kg/case of 1 150×200×340mm/case of 1

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    l gear pump Trouble and Maintenance The mainly troubleshooting and failure about pump presents in Table 2-1. Table 2-1 Troubleshooting Serial No. Failure Failure reasons Solutions 1 No delivery or inefficient discharge Exterior elements: Motor stick; motor reversal; Sliding V belt; no oil in tank; pipe jammed; Check motor and its wiring; tighten V belt; inspect tank; dredge pipeline. Gear being stuck Clean waste in pump chamber Waste in outlet of overflow valve Disconnect overflow valve lid and clean waste; Leakage on valve Check oil groove Overweary gear or bearing Replace gears or bearing 2 Large noise or tremble Exterior reasons: Too long horizontal distance b fuel dispenser etween fuel dispenser and tank; many elbow on inlet pipe; waste jam pipe; small diameter of pipe Dealt with in design and construction Intensive pressure Decrease thickness of pressured ring Overflow valve is stuck Clean waste and burr Overweary gear or bearing Replace gears or bearing 3 fuel dispenser Inner leakage Overweary gears Replace gears Leakage on frame seal Frame seal disabled Replace frame seal Leakage on pump body or joint face O-ring disabled Substitute seal ring 2.5 Important notices in operation Often inspect the rotation of pump axis, leakage, abnormal noise, vibration on V wheel and lose bolt that tight pump key. Regularly clean strainer. The tightness of V wheel should be appropriate, neither too tight nor too loose. These V wheels of motor, pump and adjusting driven wheel should be in parallel level. Don’t adjusting overflow valve spring too tights in case that result in high pressure of hydraulic system, increase noise and vibration so fuel dispenser as to enhance pump abrasion. Prohibit suck water or oil with much water. Strictly abide by the operation requirements on explosive atmosphere. Submersible pump In China filing stations recently begin to adopt submersible pump as the power resource of fuel dispenser. Submersible pump gen

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    Approved by   Issue   141101 01 Creation based on: Christian   ?Working document NT1088R5 MPA LEMAIRE   V5.2: preliminary technical   specifications of the ATM-Monetics   link   ?the INGENICO-TOKHEIM meeting   held on 9 November 2001   (75 pages)   02 ?Definition of service messages and   221101 C.L.   related data   ?Details on lists   fuel dispenser ?Addition of Miscellaneous chapter   ?Addition of paragraph 8.4   ?B0 application:   ?Message 2 : addition of Acceptor   parameters ; deletion of   Miscellaneous parameters   fuel dispenser ?Message 3 : deletion of Validity   start date   ?Message 9 : deletion of Validity   start date   ?EMV application: addition of Acceptor   parameters ;   ?MAG card application: addition of   Acceptor parameters ;   (81 pages)   03 ?B0 application:   231101 C.L.   ?messages 2 and 3 : addition of   fuel dispenser Cash or currency parameters and   related data   ?MAG card application:   ?for message 2 : addition of D5032

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