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U213-A Compiler for Rolling Display


U213-A Compiler for Rolling Display

Function instruction:

1.Clear screen: click "Esc" key

Transmit: click “Enter�key

Letter interchange: click “Caps Lock�key

Delete end character: click “Backspace�ke

e.g.: To input ��push “Shift�key, and click ��key

Readout last record: click “Esc�first, and “Enter�key

Internal battery is applied as external power unavailable (max. 1 hour lasting)


Mainframe: Power adapter Data line: Mini keyboard:

1 1 1 1

Note: make sure charging at least 4 hours before adapting internal battery.

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    spenser because of stable operation, high anti-interference, high accuracy, long service life and wide scope of temperature adaptability, etc. Although clearance exist between piston and bushing, the leakage is very less, even no leakage. If the whole hydraulic system, including measurement transducer, work stably, wit fuel dispenser h small pressure fluctuation, the leakage between piston and bushing too small to calculate when light loan. At present, the accuracy and reliability of metal-piston measurement transducer made by some domes fuel dispenser tic manufacturers are able to compare with that of famous export brand. The leakage change is still little under the various temperatures because of low expansibility of metal piston. Therefore, it is able to keep high accuracy even in wide scope of temperature change, which is outstanding merit. Structure The exploded drawing and structural chart of metal piston measur fuel dispenser ement transducer are showed in Diagram 2-16 and 2-17. It mainly consists of frame, piston, connecting rod, connecting board, nylon wheel, driving elbow, adjusting device, end cover, etc. 1-Cap nut 2-Gasket 3\3A-Adjusting bolt 4-Nut 5\6-Hexgon screw 7-Spring gasket 8-11-12- End cover 9-Cover gasket 10-Body 13-Bolt 14-Spring washer 15-Flat washer 16-Piston set 17-Spring 18-Flat washer 19-Nylon unit 20-Upper connecting rod 21-Jointing sheet 22-Lower connecting rod 23-24-Piston unit 25~33-Piston adjusting unit 34-Gasket 35-Bolt 36-Screw 37-43-Pin 38-Jointer 39-Rotation output axis 40-O-ring 41-Brass bushing 42-Driving elbow 44-Seal gasket Diagram 2-16: Exploded drawing of one kind of metal piston measurement transducer Inlet is located down of frame, which is connected with the outlet of vapor separator through pipeline. The middle of frame is oblong chamber connecting to four cylinders. The side of cylinder connects to nearby cylinder. The each upper part of cylinder has an elliptical hole, which is connected to the circle groove of upper frame. Four pistons are installed in cylinders, respectively. The two

technical specification

    bove (introduction to the Purpose section) for details of this module.  POS Sales Process:  The POS Sales Process represents the process or device responsible for the collection of the sales data (i.e. operator input of  customer s sales items). It is generally expected that this device will also be responsible f fuel dispenser or providing sales information to any  Back Office System (BOS)management system.  It is worth noting that the POS Sales Process references the IFSF Terminal protocol. The reason for this being mentioned fuel dispenser is to  stress that any requirement to drive a comprehensive display and keyboard on the forecourt will have to use this new protocol  (Please see below for more details).  Please note that it is foreseen that there may be a multiple number of POS Sales Processes operating on the retail site.  Forecourt Sales Process:  The Forecourt Sales Process represents the proc fuel dispenser ess or device responsible for co-ordinating interaction between the petroleum  sales authorisations (via outdoor payment terminals) and the resulting wet stock transaction.  It is worth noting that the Forecourt Sales Process also references the IFSF Terminal protocol. The reason for this being  mentioned is to stress that any requirement to drive a comprehensive display and keyboard on the forecourt will have to use this  new protocol (Please see below for more details).  Please note that it is foreseen that there may be a multiple number of Forecourt Sales Processes operating on the retail site.  IFSF Terminal Protocol:  Please note that the IFSF Card Handling Device (CHD) Protocol does not support comprehensive keyboard input display  output. Hence for systems that intend input and output other than standard PIN Pad messages an additional IFSF protocol will be  required. The IFSF protocol being developed for this purpose is IFSF Human interface Device (HID) protocol.  Host Communication:  The off site communication between the Card Handling Server and the

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    ll be the most precise in Europe. The new immigration system will be more “structured”—which, in practice, means more rigid—than the current one. Foreigners wanting to settle in Britain will henceforth be placed in one of five tiers, depending on their skills and on whether or not they have a job offer or a univers fuel dispenser ity place. To get in, they will have to meet the criteria for each tier, measured in points. Those who have a job offer in hand, and therefore fall into Tier 2, must, for example, amass 50 points before fuel dispenser packing their bags. To them, a salary offer of between £18,000 ($31,000) and £19,500 will be worth 10 points, and a PhD another 15 points. They will earn more points if they fill a job where there is a labour shortage—as identified by a new “skills advisory body� which will draw up a list of such occupations twice a year. Yet more points will be awarded if their employer fuel dispenser has been approved by the Home Office. Aside from a likely increase in the number of bureaucrats, though, little will change. The new system will work so closely with the grain of current practice that it seems less a revolution than a mere re-labelling. The new system s Tier 1, for instance, duplicates a programme for highly skilled migrants that has been around for four years. Even the points system is largely a way of putting numbers on existing methods of judging would-be immigrants. As before, the system will be driven by the needs of employers. The only significant reform is a gradual phasing-out of two schemes that imported people to work in hotels and fields, and even this change is less radical than it at first appears. Most of the grunts who joined those schemes were central Europeans, who, since May 2004, have been free to work in Britain anyway. If the new system will change so little, why has such fanfare attended its unveiling? The answer has to do with public perceptions. Opinion polls consistently show that Britons are concerned about immigration, which they think is running out