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    ystem. The valve core of overflow valve moves outward so that all pressured oil flood past the outlet of overflow valve and flow into suction chamber, realizing oil circulation in pump. The hydraulic system pressure is adjusted through increasing or reducing spring pressure. The most fragile section in hydraulic system will be damaged as the pressure reaching a certain value without a overflow valve to control pressure. The spring pressure will be increased through to add the thickness of pre-pressure ring (20a). The pressure to open overflow valve and the delivery volume of fuel dispenser are also increased. Vice versa, as the thickness is reduced. working principle of inner-cycloidal gear pump Inner-cycloidal gear pump consists of a pair of inner and outer gear joggled interactively. Inner gear is driver, called as inner rotor; outer gear is driven called as outer rotor. The figure of inner rotor is round arc curve, but the joint section of inner rotor figure and outer rotor curve is exterior cycloidal. Outer rotor exceeds one tooth than inner rotor. Sever sealed working cubage are formed between teeth of inner and outer rotor. Inner rotor brings outer rotor rotation anticlockwise. At that time the cubage gradually increase, formed in suction chamber by the tooth top of inner rotor and gear vale of outer rotor. As pressured oil suck into discharge fuel dispenser chamber the cubage formed by inner and outer gear is reducing, impelling oil out of pump. Continual suction and discharge result from the unceasing rotation of out gear driven by inner gear. 1-Vapor separator frame 2-Filter bracket 3-Filter 4-Filter bracket 5\6-O-ring 7-Gear group 8-Axis 9-Key 10-Cover 11-Oil seal 11a-Bolt 12-Screw 13-Elastic washer 14-Thread pipe 15-Joiter 16-Inlet filter 17-Stainer cover 18-Seal ring 19-Voverflow valve cover 20-Spring 20a-Preloading ring 21-Voverflow valve 22-Overflow valve 23-Filter with valve 23a-Spring 24-Exhaust pipe jointer 25-Screw 26-Outlet pipe 27-O-ring 28-Pump body Diagram 2-9: One kind of inner cycloida fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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    error state.   UNSOLICITED DATA   100 Bin8 M   FP_Error_Type_Mes   (64H) bin8   A FP_Error_Type_Mes message must sent unsolicited   (without acknowledge) when ever a the error occurs.   This message includes the following data:   - FP_Error_Type (Data_Id = 1)   - FP_Error_State (Data_Id = 5)   PCD Comment:   The PCD will have to generate this unsolicited message   whenever an error is logged in this DB.   MANUFACTURER OIL COMPANY SPECIFIC  October 2005 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP31_2.22   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 127   ERROR CODE DATABASE   DB_Ad = FP_ID (21H-24H) + ER_DAT (41H) + ER_ID (01H-40H)   Data Field Type ReadWrite MO   Data Element Name   Description   _Id fuel dispenser in State   200   to Free to the manufacturer oil company   255  FP31_2.22 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL October 2005   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 128  The errors have different priorities. In the following table the classification is done. For  details in the behaviour of the FP see chapter 2 (Fuelling Point Behaviour Model).   Classification ER_ID Description   fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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