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U314 Automatic Nozzle


U314 Automatic Nozzle

U314 Automatic nozzles are designed with today's customer in mind. Small, trim, light weight, easy and convenient to use. It is a rugged performer that offers long life and reliable service.


Use foreign objects to hold open automatic nozzles could result in failure to shut-off and personal injury.


Body: Aluminum

seals: Buna-N, Viton

Main stem seals: Viton Cased Oil Seal / Graphite with Teflon

Main stem: Stainless steel

Color of insulator :

Red Green Blue Yellow Black

Features :

U314-A/C/E/G Flow rate: 0-45 L/m ( (13/16")

U314-B/D/F/H Flow rate: 0-70 L/m (15/16")

Working Pressure: 0.18Mpa

Compound Main valve and bleed poppet

Tight structure, attractive appearance. Minimum pressure Loss and

offer a maximum flow rate

Accurate flow control-

It allows customers to top off their tank to the exact amount that they

want , and it's easy to stop gasoline flow precisely.

Easily replaced rotar y 360 swivel- prevents the hose

from curling up.

Hold-open rack is available for full service applications.

The one hand control means easy setting to flow rate for customer's convenience.

Spout with gear: Making it to be holding on the spout of tank

without hand, improving your efficiency.

Flow-lock: designed to shut-off automatically when the spout is

tripped up, limiting spillage, avoiding accident.

Hand insulator- protect both nozzle and vehicle, and insulates

users' hands.

Available Colors- color chart on inside back cover

Selective splash guard.

100% Factory Tested

Replacement Parts:

Key Description

1 Spout 13/16" & Spout 15/16"

2 Full hand insulator

3 Lever-Guard Lever Assembly

4 Diaphragm Assembly

5 Vac Cap

6 Main Valve

7 Swivel BSPT3/4" & NPT3/4" & BSPT1" & NPT1"


Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

18.75kg/case of 15 22kg/case of 15 55x34x42.5cm/case of 15

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    ressure cover Take out spring and main valve Unload top level and locking nut, pay much attention as replacing 0-ring Adjusting bolt, keeping the clearance between top level and switch handle in the scope of 0.3~~0.5mm Install spring, pressure cover and sealed gasket. Trail run, to ensure operation flexible of nozzle and each sealed face without leakage Auto-shut nozzle Auto-shut nozzle is developed from general nozzle, which has function of automatic switch off. As container is full, nozzle valve is closed automatically, keeping clean and safety of operation environment. Due to this merit, this kind of nozzle is widely adopted in many brands of fuel dispensers. This handbook will introduce the stru fuel dispenser cture and working principle of general nozzle. Structure Illustrated in Diagram 2-31, auto-shut nozzle consists of nozzle body, main valve, top level, switch membrane, auto-shut level, side valve core, spout, etc. 1-Nozzle body 2-Cap 3-Ejection pin 4-O-ring 5-Spring 6-Pressure plate 7-Main valve 8-Upper cover 9-Swtich membrane 10-autoshut bar 11-Steel ball 12-Assistant valve 13-Sleeve 14-Air inlet spout 15-Air inlet pipe 16-Spring 17-Spout 18-O-ring 19-Spring 20-Assistant valve core 21-Autocontrol bar 22-Supporting plate 23-Location-limited plate 24-Switch handle Diagram 2-31: Auto-shut nozzle Main structure of auto-shut nozzle as followed: Four holes in the circle of side valve, which are connected with the upper chamber of switch membrane via the gradient hole on nozzle body; the lower chamber of switch membrane connect to outside via the clearance between nozzle body and auto-sh fuel dispenser ut level. There are three steel balls installed in holes of upper of auto-shut, lift switch handle, auto-shut level is stuck in by there balls; once auto-shut level move upward, main valve will be closed as switch lost supportive point. Metal sheet is installed on switch handle, which is controlled three different positions corresponding to three kinds of openness--- three kinds of flow rate. The spring fuel dispenser on spout is

technical specification

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