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U330-A LPG Nozzle


U330-A LPG Nozzle

For High-Flow, Bulk Fuel Oil Delivery Service


Body: Aluminum

seals: Buna-N, Viton

Main stem: Stainless steel

Spout: Aluminum

Features :

Rated flow:45L/min

Rated work pressure: 2.2Mpa

Environmental Condition:-300C~500C

Coupling style:Italian style


Cross Weight Dimension

17kg/case of 10 42×40×33 cm/case of 10

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    tion pin 15-O-ring Diagram 2-27: Structure of general nozzle 1-Spout 2-Nut 3-Hex nut 4-Gasket 5-Valve washer 6-Gasket 7-Washer 8-O-ring 9-Assistant valve 10-Spring 11-Guiding bar 12-Cap 13-Seal 14-Spring 15-Bolt 16-O-ring 17-Lockwasher 18-Spring seat 19-Gasket 20-Valve body 21-Nozzle body 22-O-ring 23-Gland nut 24-Ejection pin 25-Supporting gasket 26-Pin axis 27-Suppor plate 28-Switch handle 29-Pin axis 30-Copper sleeve 31-Valve seat Diagram 2-28: Exploded drawing of general nozzle 1.2 Structure and function of key components Main valve unit Illustrated in Diagram 2-29, main valve consists of valve body, gasket, locking washer, spring seat, which is used to switch on or off the delivery pipe pf nozzle. 1-Valve body 2-Gasket 3-Lockwahser 4-Screw 5-Spring seat 6-O-ring Diagram 2-29: Main valve unit Adjusting used for change the clearance between switcher and top level, which should be kept in 0.3~ 0.5mm. Locking washer is to prevent bolt loose. Vice valve Vice valve will be closed as main valve switch off, showed in Diagram 2-30. As for fuel dispenser with presetting function, main valve don’t close after presetting filling, vice valve is closed to ensure accuracy and field clean. 1-Spring 2-Valve body 3-Guiding bar 4-Gasket 5-Valve washer Diagram 2-30: Vice valve Top level and switch handle. Used for open or close of main valve, changing openness so as to adjusting outlet flow rate. Locking nut To pressure O-ring in case of leakage Working principal As fuel dispenser start work, lift switch handle and open main valve, oil filled with chamber of main and side valve, oil discharge out of n fuel dispenser ozzle spout through pressured oil opening side valve. Usage and maintenance Nozzle is made of aluminum, which is carefully taken up and down, in case of being damaged. Regularly add greasy oil to nozzle to facilitate operation; regularly inspect O-ring, replacing damaged one. There is a regulative device between top level and switch handle, which is used to adjust clearance. Disconnect p fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

technical specification

    ng for non paid   transactions and historic transactions   - Chapter 2.2.1:   - State name changed to CLEARED TRANSACTION   - State description changed   - Event description for new payable transaction changed   - Chapter 2.2.2:   - Event description for Clear is changed   - Chapter 2.2.3:   - Event description for Clear is changed   Chapter 3 - Dispenser Database   - All Chapters:   - Column added to all data element tables indicating if the are a   mandatory data elements or optional   - The LNA and DA is removed from all database addresses   - Chapter 3:   - Explanation of the table columns added   - Chapter 3.1:   - Chapter renamed to Database Address   - Additional information   - LNA DA columns from the Database Address table removed   - AUD_ID (31H-3FH) not longer used   - TR_Seq_Nb could be 0001-9999  FP31_2.23 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL March 2006   DISPENSER APPLICATIO fuel dispenser N   Page: 12   - Chapter 3.3:   - Additional information to use the CALCULATOR database   - Data_Id 1: deleted specified by the subnet (S) in the Logical Node   Address (LNA)   - Data_Id 10: Additional explanation to the clearing of a FPs display  fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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