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U401-A Solenoid Valve


U401-A Solenoid Valve

The flow control valve has been tested and granted Ex approval.The Ex-approval is EX m II T4.Ex certificate number is CE021037.


Body: Die cast aluminum alloy

Technical Specifications:

Power:AC220 V,2×4W

Current Consumption: big flow valve 18mA, small flow valve 18mA

Allow flow rate:65L/min,big flow rate:50L/min,small flow rate:5L/min.

Working pressure:0.035-0.035MPa

Environmental Condition: -40~~+70degree


A high advantage in reliability and adaptability.

Housing: Die cast aluminum alloy.

Dual flow control valves have three grades of big flow, small flow and close.

The fuel resistant cable can be customized regarding length.

100% Factory Tested.


Color Link

Brown communal terminal

Black big flow rate

white small flow rate

Yellow/green ground


Product ID Weight Dimension

U401-A 2.1kg/case of 130 ×116× 80mm/case of 1

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    As past over long service time, parts abrasion universally or cylinder severely damaged, a new measurement transducer should be installed to replace old one. As find exterior leakage, firstly inspect the bolts corresponding to leak section. Tightly screw loose bolts, if leakage is continued, disconnect and inspect the seal ring and gasket relative section. Substitute aging or damaged parts and reassemble. Apart from the above reasons of extensive colloid and surface abrasion, these trouble also cause abnormal operation of measurement transducer, such as position pin fall down from piston or deformation, small axis lost on upper and lower connecting rod, loose bolt between piston and connecting rod. The solution is that disassembling measurement transducer, replace damaged or unqualified components and reassemble. The products made in normal factory seldom appear these troubles. Since measurement transducer is core component of fuel dispenser, elaborate machining, disconnection and reassembly should be as careful as possible. All elements should be cleaned before reassembly, excluding water into inner. Bolts are tightened even and appropriately. Soft-piston measurement transducer As these merits --- small in size, light weight, beautiful appearance, high accuracy, piston exchangeable--- soft-piston measurement transducer is widely adapted in domestic fuel dispenser market. It generally involves two structures: four-piston structure and double-piston structure. The latter model is selected universally. Therefore, this article will introduce the structure, working principal and maintenance of four- piston measurement transducer. Structure Diagram 2-20 and Diagram 2-21 show the cutaway view and exploded drawing of fou fuel dispenser r-piston m fuel dispenser easurement transducer that is widely employed. The transducer mainly consists of sealed cover, upper subassembly, export axis, frame subassembly, piston subassembly, connecting rod and top cover, clearly presenting in Diagram 2-20 and Diagram 2-21. Diagram 2-20: Cutaway view fuel dispenser

technical specification

    will be used as stated.   Wednesday 10 May 2006 - Revision 03   Document title  IFSF POS to FEP Interface  Section Page  EMV 123178  The Data element nam Format Attrib Usage notes  POS ute   TAG App interchange profile binary b 2 Mandatory Indicates the capabilities of  82 the card to support specific   functions in the app   TAG Issuer application data b ..32 Mandatory Contains proprietary  9F10 application data for   transmission to the issuer   for online transaction  TAG 95 TVR b 5 Mandatory Terminal verification results.   Gives status of different   functions as seen by the   terminal.  TAG Application b 8 fuel dispenser Conditiona fuel dispenser l If requested by  9F26 Authentication issueracquirer   Cryptogram  TAG Application transaction b 2 Mandatory Counter fuel dispenser

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    been suspected for some time that endogenous retroviruses are involved in the process by which an embryo attaches itself to the lining of the womb. Dr Dunlap has shown, in sheep, that they definitely are—and has confirmed which gene is involved. This gene is known as env, and in free-living viruses the protein derived from it is responsible for locking on to a cell s surface to allow the virus to enter the cell. In sheep, though, the gene seems to be involved in establishing the placenta that nourishes the embryo. The way Dr Dunlap found this out was by stopping env working. She did so using a biological gizmo called a morpholino. This is an artificial molecule that binds to and disables the molecular messengers a gene sends out into the cell it inhabits, to tell that cell how to make the protein that the gene encodes. Having created a morpholino for the env messenger molecule, Dr Dunlap injected it into a series of ewes eight days after they had mated and sat back to see what would happen. Half the ewes were examined 16 days after mating (ie, eight days after the treatment) and the other half 20 days after mating. At 16 days, the embryos and their associated membranes in the treated sheep were much smaller and more fragile than those of ewes that had been injected with morpholinos that do not interfere with env messengers, and were being used as controls. By the 20th day after mating, almost all the treated ewes had lost their embryos, but none of the controls had. These effects were probably the result of some biochemical changes Dr Dunlap saw in the treated ewes. Their levels of a hormone called interferon-tau were far lower than normal. This hormone is produced by the embryo to tell the mother she is fuel dispenser pregnant fuel dispenser and that she should continue producing progesterone, a second hormone responsible for maintaining the pregnancy. Levels of two other hormones associated with pregnancy—chorionic somatomammotropin and pregnancy-associated glycoprotein—were also far lower than they should fuel dispenser