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U401-B Solenoid Valve


U401-B Solenoid Valve


Body: Brass

Approval: EX mⅡA T4

Technical Specifications:

Power:AC220 V,2×4W


Current :big flow valve 18mA

small flow valve 18mA

Allowed flow rate:90L/min , Max flow rate: 90L/min , Mini flow rate:5L/min.

Working pressure:0.035-0.035MPa

Environmental Condition: -40~~+70degree


Product ID Weight Dimension

U401-B 2.1kg/case of 130 ×116× 80mm/case of 1

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    fuel dispenser Main frame installation The installation method of submersible pump fuel dispenser is similar to that of suction pump fuel dispenser. The horizontal distance from main frame to underground tank is no more than 60m, vertical distance no exceeding 4m, delivering pipe with less 0.2% slant, elbow as few as possible. Power supply lead, control line and communicating cable are installed respectively. Main wire pipe adopts 2’?seamless steel pipe, branch 1 1/2 ‘? Pressure testing of pipe should be conducted strictly in accordance with stipulation of GB50156 because the working pressure of submersible pump is 0.25~~0.3Mpa, even 0.63Mpa in instance. Safety valve should be installed in submersible fuel dispenser pump fuel dispenser, connecting pipe with stainless steel corrugated pipe. It should be installed at the angel iron fixed in concrete, connecting with pipe. (Illustrated in Diagram 5-11) 1.1 Electric installation Electric installation includes power supply installation and connection of fuel dispenser with junction box assembly. 1: Oil filter end 2: Gasket 3: Check valve 4: Pipe 5: Safety valve 6: U-shape bracket 7: Angle iron 8: Upper flange 9: Corrugated pipe 10: Low flange Diagram 5-11: Inlet connection sketc fuel dispenser h map of fuel dispenser Power supply installation (reference to Diagram 5-12): adopting oil-resistance and erosive resistance three threads copper cable, section no less than 1mm2, outside diameter about 8mmm. User’s lines and signal cable are connected into explosion-proof junction box. 1.2 Junction box installation There are many items installed in Junction box, including terminal, power breaker (switchers of power and fuel dispensers), touch-switch, hot protection relay, general relay controlled by low voltage, signal terminal and fuel dispenser control board of submersible pump. Other installations should be conducted strictly in accordance with electric control drawing. 1.3 Submersible pump installation Submersible pump is delivering equipment with positive pressure, which

technical specification

    tionGuidelines - Revision - 20060510   10052006 Page 79 of 105   Confidential   TCPIP Protocol Stack   OSI 7 LAYER   (7) Application H S S   F D   T M N   (6) Presentation T N   T T M   P S   P P P   (5) Session   (4) Trans fuel dispenser port TCP UDP   (3) Network ICMP IP IGMP   (2) Data Link Ethernet ATM   Frame   (1) Physical Relay etc.  The graphic above shows that the TCPIP protocol has a much simpler layered structure than the seven layers of  the OSI model. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) protocols are  transport protocols corresponding to O fuel dispenser SI layer 4. Both protocols make use of the Internet Protocol (IP) an OSI layer  3 protocol (the network layer). As well as these three protocols there are two more basic protocols in the TCPIP  suite that extend the IP protocol: ICMP and IGMP. The functionality of these protocols must be implemented in the  layer housing the IP protocol.  ICMP and IGMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol and Internet Group Management Protocol.  A.2 TCPIP Transmission Control Protocol  Connection-oriented communication can use fuel dispenser reliable communication where the layer 4 protocol sends  acknowledgements of data receipts and requests retransmissions if data is not received or is corrupted. The TCP  protocol uses s

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