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U406 Breakaway


U406 Breakaway

The U406 is designed to be installed on fuel dispensing hoses,and will separate when subjected to a designed pull force. The dual valves seat automatically, stopping the flow of fuel and limiting any fuel spillage, while protecting the dispensing equipment. For proper operation, the U406-A/B should be installed with a "straightening" hose with a minimum length of 9". U406-C/D should be installed with a minimum length of 12" .


Body: Aluminum

Main Seals: Viton

Main Spring: stainless steel

Guide and poppet: POM

Protective Sleeve: PVC


Pull force- the U406 will break away with a pull force of 250 lbs ±5%, the U406 will break away with a pull force of 300 lbs±5%.

Certainty of operation- designed to be replaced after separation, instead of reassembled, to protect against reassembly errors.

Unique double-poppet design-features low pressure drop.

Flow rate: 0-60L/Min(3/4")


Working pressure: 0.18Mpa

Low pressure drop- the integral check valve design allows for minimal pressure drop for faster, high-volume fill-ups.

100% Factory Tested.


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Sizet

U406-A 23kg/case of 100 26kg/case of 100 26.8x48x26 cm /case of 100

U406-B 23kg/case of 100 26kg/case of 100 26.8x48x26 cm /case of 100

U406-C 19kg/case of 50 22kg/case of 50 29x29x30 cm /case of 50

U406-D 19kg/case of 50 22kg/case of 50 29x29x30 cm /case of 50

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    layers of oil resistance and erosive resistance. Single thread and aluminum wire are prohibited. Diagram 5-7: Wiring in TN-S Power supply system The connection between fuel dispenser and distributing room adopts bushing-pipe burry, preventing vehicle crush wires. The wire pipe installed at bottom of fuel dispenser should have downward elbow in case oil pouring into and erode wire. No jointer is fuel dispenser set between the pipeline of junction box and wire outlet, in case of sparkle jeopardy. User’s wire should correspond to earthing line and power lines after importing exploision-proof junction box. Tighten nut and clamp wires ensuring the explosion-proof performance. Change one of three wires if motor does not work. If adopting TN-S power supply system, wiring from switchboard are connected as diagram 5-7 illustration. If adopting TN-C-S OR TN-C system, wiring as Diagram fuel dispenser 5-8. Grounding of fuel dispenser is in well condition. It is to adopt brass wire with PVC insulting bushing as communicating line between fuel dispensers. Communicating line is buried in galvanized pipe. Diagram 5-8: Wiring in TN-C-S or TN-C Power supply system Fuel dispenser should set single earthing line, with resistance no more than 4Ωto earth, 10 Ωnozzle to earth. User’s wire should adopt copper line with no less than 6mm2 section in single phase motor. Otherwise, there is something wrong with motor, even resulting in electric trouble. Diagram 5-9: Wiring Diagram of Communicating Box Article II Submersible pump type dispenser and its installation Compared with fuel dispense mounted suction pump, submersible pump fuel dispenser has many merits such as fuel dispenser low noise, stable operation, cost-efficient pipeline, and is installed in large station, which is the development direction of fuel dispenser industry. Submersible pump fuel dispenser consists of main frame, submersible pump and electric control box, which are communicated through electric and signal cable. See Diagram 5-10. Diagram 5-10: System Drawing of Submersible pump

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    Data ID 5 note added about single sided dispensers.   Data ID 5 default value comment added.   Data ID 11 note added if Release_FP received with Authorised state not allowed.   Data ID 44 examples improved and default value added.   Chapter 3.7 Fuelling Point Data   Config_Lock mad fuel dispenser e Read Write in state 1.   Chapter 3.8 Logical Nozzle Data   Comments for Meter_2_Id made similar to Meter_1_Id.   Chapter 3.9 Fuelling Transaction Data   Changed the state column so the state now refers to the Transaction Buffer   State Diagram and not the Point State Diagram.   Command Clear_Transaction Data Id 30. Comment added about clear all fuel dispenser    transactions.   Data ID 31 Unlock reference to Communications Specification added.   Chapter 3.10 Error Code Data   Clarification of number of error codes to be returned.  FP31_2.21 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL June 2005   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 24  1 Definitions and Abbreviations   Definition Abbreviation Description   Controller Device CD The CD is any device that is capable of controlling other   forecourt devices (i.e. Dispensers Tank Level Gauges   fuel dispenser Outdoor Payment Terminals etc.)   Dispenser - The complete dispensing unit consisting of one or more   (maximum 4) Fuelling Points.   Dispenser Calculator DC The DC is the dispenser s electronic head for process

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