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U407 Angle Check Valve


U407 Angle Check Valve

U407 Angle Check Valves are installed on suction system, fuel lines on top of fuel storage tanks to maintain prime. Models are available with male threaded inlets for connection directly into tank bung fittings or with female inlets for connection to a nipple that is threaded into a tank bung fitting. Single-poppet models can be used in applications where the valve is easily accessible for maintenance and disc cleaning or replacement.


Body: cast steel

Surface: electronic Nickel plated

Seal : Viton Cased Oil Seal


U407 features a spring-loaded poppet and Viton Cased Oil Seal discs to assist in keeping the valve closed when installed in high-vibration areas

The Angle Check Valves are recommended for use on suction lines where the pressure does not exceed 34 ft of head. ( approximately 15 psi.)

Materials is cast steel diffrent with cast iron materials , the body will be more stronger more hermetical more pressure resistance

Used for disel, gasoline, ethanol etc.

100% Factory Tested.

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    bolt is first step as measurement accuracy beyond scope. If it doesn’t work, consider other solutions. Some oil is easily full of colloid due to not in accordance with national standard or exposing to air in long storage. Much colloid is depo fuel dispenser sited on the relevant frictional surface of measurement transducer (surface of piston and cylinder) make moving parts difficult to work so as to increase pressure and affect measuring accuracy. The inlet pressure of measurement transdu fuel dispenser cer usually is little under small flow rate. However, piston resistance is increased due to extensive colloid, even easily appear the phenomenon of refueling without measurement related. In this case, fuel dispenser delivery more oil than flow measured. Oil full of colloid is also affected the normal operation of vehicle motor. The cardinal solution to this problem is to control the quality and storage time of oil. Carefully clean the colloid on relative frictional surface of measurement transducer as occur the problem, and especially pay much attention to the friction surface so as not to damage mechanical parts. 1-Outlet elbow 2-End cover 3-Piston 4-Frame 5-Connecting sheet 6-Lower connecting rod 7-Upper connecting rod 8-Cylinder bushing 9-Adjusting bolt 10-Cap nut 11-Regualting piston 12-Driving elbow 13-Brass bushing 14-O-ring 15-Output shaft 16-Nylon wheel Diagram 2-19: Structural drawing of another kind of metal piston measurement transducer Accuracy decline and leakage caused by mechanical failure. The extensive mechanical abrasion of relevant friction surface of measurement transducer is main reason of causing accuracy beyond limitation. These parts abrasion result in accuracy decline, such as connecting board, bushing, small brass bushing used as adjusting pi fuel dispenser ston, regulative piston, nylon wheel, etc. The O-rings between connecting rod and piston and on driving elbow tend to expansion to affect accuracy. Generally, disassemble and inspect all components, problem will be solved by changing extensive abrasion or damaged parts.

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