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U501-A Pulse sensor


U501-A Pulse sensor

This incremental shaft encoder has been designed for heavy-duty application, especially for use in petroleum & diesel dispensing environments where potentially explosive atmospheres can be expected. It features a rugged and compact construction as well as a wide selection of mechanical and electronic variations.


Housing: Die cast aluminum alloy

Bearings: Self-lubricating sintered bronze

Features :

A high advantage in reliability and adaptability.

A large selection of shaft couplings, including couplings with built-in backlash clutch facility.

Standard sealing screws.

The fuel resistant cable can be customized regarding length.

Suit the Bennett SB-100 meter and other meters whose pulse per circle is 60.

100% EX approved and tested.


Power supply: 5 VDC, fixed or variable

Current Consumption: Standard 10 to 30 mA, max 90mA

Number of Channels: 2

Number of pulses: 60 ppr

Output Signal: Square wave duty cycle 50%+10%.

Phase Shift: 2 channels 90° (25% +5%)

Output Stage: NPN

Output Current: Max. 30mA

Hysteresis: Min. 0.2°

Output freq. Min. 1000Hz

Temperature range: Working -40 to+ 70 degree

RPM: Max 3000RPM

Mounting: With 3 pcs. M4 screws

Weight: Approx. 340 gram. Excl. the cable


Color Channel plug

Green +5V 2

Black CH1 3

Yellow 0V 4

Blue CH2 5

Red +5V 6

-- --- 1


The shaft encoder has been tested and granted Ex and EMC approval.The Ex-approval is EX d IIA T3.Ex certificate number is CE991209.


Cross Weight Dimension

340g/case of 1 186x157x29mm/case of 1


The products should be used in compliance with applicable country, province and local Laws and regulations. Products selection should be based on physical Specifications and limitations and compatibility with the environmentand materials to be handled. HONGYANG makes no warranty of fitness for a particular use. All illustrations and Specifications in this literature are based on the latest products information ilable at the time of publication,HONGYANG reserves the right to make changes at any time in price, materials. Specifications and models and to discontinue models without notice or obligation.

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    result during approval progress. The other is to make adjustment as temperature fluctuate 20 degree. Stopwatch, minimum value 0.1 second, is used for measuring how long a certain volume medium discharge out of fuel dispenser so as to calculate its flow rate. Gradienter, precision being 0.05mm/m, measures the degree of level. Article III Indicating appraisal method and data processing Appraisal of fuel dispenser actually is an indicating access. Presently, cubage compare method is mostly used defining basic tolerance between the volumes flow over flow meter and in metal standard measurer. Diagram 6-2 is illustrated the fuel dispenser’s appraisal flow. 1: Check valve 2: Pump 3: Vapor separator 4: Flow meter 5: Indicating device 6: Hose 7: Nozzle 8: Standard measurer 9: Measurer 10: Switch & zeroing 11: Container 12: Motor 13: Tank 14: Filter net Diagram 6-2: Appraisal of fuel dispenser using metal standard measurer Preparation before appraisal Place metal standard measurer on the hard ground and adjust with gradienter. It also put on vehicle or other bracket, as long as not waving or vibration during appraisal progress. Metal standard measurer should be earthing- connected. It is suggested to connect the measurer to ground fuel dispenser terminal of fuel dispenser, making them being same potential. Running-in and wet measurer. Putting indicator device at zero, open nozzle and observe oil indicator. Oil is transparent as there is no foam in it fuel dispenser . If have foam or bubble oil would be feculent and opaque. If foam exists in oil for a long time, fuel dispenser would have trouble. Appraise again after solving failure. Close nozzle as measurer full of oil. Empty measurer in accordance with relative method and time, and shut off bottom valve, putting measurer in preparation state. Appraisal procedure of indicating valve Set unit price; Adjust flow to the maximum Qmax; Wet measurer and place it according to regulation; Tune indicator finger to zero position; Infuse measurer as preset volume, measur fuel dispenser e outlet t

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    operated.  Actors  Actor Description  Cashier Person who enters items at the POS and is accountable for the money in the cash   drawer.  Customer Person who brings the item(s) to the POS and who wishes to purchases it (them).  POS The application (or device) that allows the Cashier to enter transactions into the   system.  EPS The application that manages the card payment application.  Main Flow Description  1. Customer brings the items to the POS to be rung up or the choice of redemption.  2. Cashier enters the items into the POS and requests the method of payment.  3. If POS fails the process is aborted and the cashier has to recover the POS.  4. POS passes salesredemption information to EPS requesting loyalty redemption.  5. If message invalid it is repeated or the process is aborted and the cashier receives a specific   alarm. POS is still at the initial status and cashier selects another method of payment.  6. EPS gets card data  7. EPS authorises card (not relevant where or how this is performed).   a. EPS asks for additional data   fuel dispenser b. EPS performs any checkfunctionality according to cardconfigurationsystem   status   c. EPS provides the Loyalty Receipt to be printed.  August 2002 fuel dispenser IFSF STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP319_1.00   EPS POS INTERFACE SPECIFICATION   Page 37 of 146   d. Cashier performs any check if required (including receiving signature from   customer if the case)   e. Cashier completes loyalty transaction on the EPS  8. If the printer is not available EPS fa fuel dispenser

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