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U601 Oil indicator


U601 Oil indicator

U601 series Oil Viewing Device is designed to watch whether the pipes of the fueling machine is full of liquid or not.


Body: Brass

Viewing glass: Toughened glass

seals: Buna-N

Surface: electronic Chromium plated

Bearing: Iron ball

Features :

U601 Oil View Device provides a 360°swivel action which can reduce the physical strain

100% Factory Tested.


Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

36.5kg/case of 50 40kg/case of 50 27.5x27x33 cm / case of 50

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    dicator is fuel dispenser installed between nozzle and measurement transducer, by which customer observes whether foam in delivering oil. Accuracy will be affected because of much foam or bubble. Diagram 2-33 is shown a common oil indicator in domestic market. Since this kind of oil indicator has big pass section than that of two ends of pipe, velocity of flow of passing oil is reduced so as to facilitate observation. If oil transparent, that is, no foam in it, fuel dispe fuel dispenser nser is in normal state. If opaque with visible foam, it is shown that there is gas in oil. Don’t refuel until foam disappears in oil indicator. If passed long time, foam in oil indicator still exists so that the accuracy of fuel dispenser is affected, some troubleshooting measures on vapor separator should be considered. Disassemble low cover and exa fuel dispenser mine gasket and joint face if found leakage. Oil in pipe should be discharged completely in maintenance, keeping appropriate tightness to bolts as reassembly in case of crunching glass. 1-Frame 2-Sink-screw 3-Seal gasket 4-Glass 5-Seal 6-Cover Diagram 2-33: Ball-shaped oil indicator structure Columnar oil indicator, shown in Diagram 2-34, is installed on the top of gantry fuel dispenser, the convex end connected with pipe jointer of fuel dispenser, the concave end of it with hose unit. Foam is observed through the glass pipe of columnar oil indicator. If found leakage, disassemble oil indicator from jointer, clean waste or replace damaged gasket. Replace glass pipe when found crackle on it. Be careful of reassemble hose jointer and oil indicator after maintenance in case of crunch glass pipe. 1-Frame 2-Glass pipe 3-Seal ring 4-O-ring Diagram 2-34: Columnar oil indicator Firstly empty oil in fuel dispenser when deal with oil indicator’s trouble, for fear of oil splashing. There is a kind of method to empty here: loose bolt on corrugated pipe after start up fuel dispenser. In this state, no oil in tank is suck into fuel dispenser, but oil in fuel dispenser is discharged out continually. After stop

technical specification

    fuel dispenser (Values)   6 bcd4 R(1-3) M   Country_Code   (06H) W(3)   Country where the tank level gauge is installed. A value of   0000 or 9000 means country independent.   I fuel dispenser f the first digit is a 9 then the three digit country code   from ISO 3166 is used otherwise the PTT call dialling   code is used.   Please refer to Engineering Bulletin Handling of Country   Codes .   If the PTT dialling code is less than four digits a further   fuel dispenser naught (zero) should be added in front of the existing   three e.g. 063 is input as 0063. If it is more than four   digits then input from the right e.g. 00942 is input as   0942.   Please note that TLG s that do not permit the   Country_Code to be changed remotely should:   - Reject any write attempts with a Data_ACK value of 2   (Read OnlyNot Writable).   - Must set the Country_Code to the hard coded country   code value.   When a master resetcoldstart occurs on the TLG device   the TLG should reset this data_Id to its default value.  Version 1.25 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL Janauary 2005   TANK LEVEL GAUGE APPLICATION   Page: 24   TANK LEVEL GAUGE DATABASE   DB_Ad = TLG_DAT (01H)   Data_Id Field Read

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    t have to fuel dispenser worry about his wife running off with the bloke next door. For Mr Brown, Mrs Blair s indiscretion was no laughing matter. His own speech had at times sounded like a rambling job application, but it was one of his better efforts. Bludgeoning his audience less than usual, Mr Brown spoke about what motivated him in politics the unswerving moral compass bequeathed him by his parents. And without departing from New Labour orthodoxy, he gave some fuel dispenser clues about how his leadership would differ in style from Mr Blair s. Received with respect rather than rapture, he avoided the fate of David Davis, the Tory leadership front-runner whose campaign unravelled after a dire conference speech last year. Damaged goods But with that single word, “lie? Mrs Blair drew attention to some of the doubt fuel dispenser s about Mr Brown. For all his moral passion and intellectual strength, the belief that the chancellor is a flawed character has taken hold. His attempts to repair the damage caused by being associated with the plot to drive Mr Blair prematurely from Downing Street have met with little success. Frank Luntz, an American pollster, whose focus group polling for the BBC s Newsnight programme helped persuade Tory activists to see David Cameron as their best electoral hope, this week came up with damning findings against Mr Brown. Thirty voters, two-thirds of them Labour loyalists or Labour-leaners, the rest floaters, were presented with biographies, speeches and interviews of five potential candidates for the Labour leadership, including Mr Brown. Worryingly for Mr Brown, they found him stale and too Scottish. Much worse was the reaction to an interview Mr Brown gave the weekend after the attempted coup. When he denied involvement, not one person in the focus group believed him. Mr Luntz described it as the worst-received interview he had ever tested in Britain. Outside the conference hall, the Newsnight programme was playing over and over again to large audiences. Although Newsnight s focus gr