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U602 Oil indicator


U602 Oil indicator

U602 series Oil Viewing Device is designed to watch whether the pipes of the fueling machine is full of liquid or not.


Body: Iron

Viewing glass: Toughened glass

seals: Buna-N

Surface: electronic Chromium plated

Features :

U602 Oil View Device provides a 360°swivel action which can reduce the physical strain

100% Factory Tested.


Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

31kg/case of 30 34kg/case of 30 37x23.5x19.5 cm / case of 30

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    ine bad effects of accuracy. 2. Pipeline noise Noise and tremble are not generated by pipe itself but hydraulic shock, pipe resonance and pressure pulse. Here explain, combining operation and maintenance of fuel dispense, these rea fuel dispenser son for noise and tremble 2.1 Hydraulic collision Hydraulic collision refers to the phenomenon in which oil pressure in pipeline is increased quickly as pipe switch open or close or liquid changing flow direction. Hydraulic collision could lead to pipeline noise, which are result from piston changing direction of measurement transducer and witching on or off pipe valve. Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ (v2=0,t≤T) (2-10) Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ ·Tt (v2=0,t≤T) (2-11) Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ ( partial v2?,t≤T) (2-12) Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ ·Tt (partial v2?,t≤T) (2-13) In above formulae: Δρ── increasing pressure value; υ1── previous velocity of flow υ2── latter velocity of flow T ── time that start from collision to reflect T=2la T ── changing time of velocity of flow fromυtoυ2 E0 ── elastic volume of fluid cubage E ── elastic modulus of pipeline d ── inner diameter of pipe δ── pipe thickness l ── diffused distance of shock wave a ── diffused speed of shock wave The above formulae illustrate four kinds of stock pressure on pipe in corresponding operations in which switching on or fuel dispenser off nozzle quickly or slowly. They also explain that slowly switch on and off nozzle generating less collision pressure than that of rapidly under a certain parameter of pipeline system of fuel dispenser. Similarly, it is applicable to stock noise. Therefore, user shall slowly turn on and off nozzle in operation so as to reduce hydraulic stock and noise, and prolong fuel life service of fuel dispenser. Most of manufacturers of fuel dispensers have mounted anti hydraulic stock device in hydraulic system in order to abate the effects to fuel dispensers. fuel dispenser

technical specification

    currently fuelling do not stop the transaction. Continue to dispense fuel until the end of   the transaction or a previous defined limit has been reached. Basically the off-line   situation has no affect on the operation fuel dispenser of the Dispenser.   Do not remove the off-line SC device from the Recipient Table.  5.4.2 Actions when a Dispenser recognises that a SC comes back on-line  The Dispenser can recognise that a SC device that has been entered into its recipient table is  back on line when it receives a heartbeat from the SC device.  DO:   Send the unsolicited status and transaction messages to the SC that has come on-line.   Please note that this event will cause every dispenser to do the same action so the   network could get busy .   Start sending unsolicited messages to the SC device as normal.  5.4.3 Actions when a SC recognises that a Dispenser is off-line  The SC recognises that the Dispenser device has gone off-line when it does not receive a  heartbeat within the duration of 3 times the heartbeat interval (normally 3 times 10 seconds =  30 seconds).  DO:   Indicate to the system operator (cashier) that the Dispenser device has gone off-line.  FP31_2.21 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL June 2005   DISPENSER APP fuel dispenser LICATION   Page: 134  5.4.4 Actions when a SC recognises that a Dispenser comes back on-line  The SC recognises that the Dispenser device has come back on-line when it receive a  heartbeat from the Dispenser Device.  DO:   Request the Dispenser s status and transaction details.  5.4.5 Correct Manner of removing a SC from the Network  When a SC is to be removed from the network or taken off-line the following actions should  be carried out:   Remove the SC s address from all dispensers Recipient Table. fuel dispenser

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    intoxicating, then, to take the helm of a country with oil reserves in the billions of barrels? especially at a time when each of them might sell for a record price. The possibilities are limitless. Vladimir Putin, for one, is trying fuel dispenser to use oil to restore something of Russia s imperial glory. At any rate, Gazprom, Russia s state-controlled gas monopoly, is frightening many Europeans with its expansionist ambitions (see article). Meanwhile, Evo Morales, Bolivia s new president, wants to reshape his country s economy on May Day, before a cheering crowd, he summarily nationalised Bolivia s oil and gas fields (see article). He was seemingly inspired by Hugo Chávez, the president of Venezuela, who is also bashing foreign oil companies. Plenty of less turbulent energy-producing nations are no less keen to capture a greater share of the money and power from their resources. That is natural enough—but there are sensible and foolish ways of going about it. Gazprom, for example, is refusing to allow wider access to its pipelines, which could be used to transport other companies gas to the European Union. It also cut supplies at the beginning of the year amid a contractual dispute with Ukraine. These bullying tactics have succeeded only in stirring up concern about whether Gazprom is a reliable supplier for Europe. Eventually, its customers are bound to respond by seeking to buy gas from elsewhere—th fuel dispenser ere is plenty of it that can come through pipelines built to bypass Russia or from further afar, as liquefied natural gas. Gazprom, in other words, is busily undermining its own ascendancy. Europeans are now so worked up about Gazprom s conduct that the firm is struggling to fulfil its more sensible ambition of buying distribution in the EU. Although it managed to raise its stake in a German pipeline and trading firm to just under 50% last week, the admission that it was eyeing Centrica, Britain s biggest gas supplier, caused yet more anxiety—though it is not quite clear why. Blocking energy fuel dispenser