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U603 Hose


U603 Hose

Transfer gasoline,kerosene,diesel from fuel dispenser to vehicle.


Body: oil-proof rubber

Features :


Hose is soft,light

Little variant when transfer gasoline

Middle conducting layer- working safety

100% Factory Tested.


Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

31kg/case of 30 34kg/case of 30 37x23.5x19.5 cm / case of 30

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    haft. The spring between top cover and distributing valve is used for enforcing sealability. The two gears synchronous to crankshaft moving transmit rotation number into pulse sensor. Working principle This type measurement transducer is similar to a set of hydraulic motor, which is driven by pressured oil. Thus, the discharge is corresponded to the crankshaft rotation. As distributing valve’s position is certain when oil flowing into measurement transducer, the piston discharge or inflow also is constant. Pistons depend upon the different oil pressure of inflow and discharge to move, which form a shuttle movement. The above two pistons movements create a third cylinder, which also has a 120 degree angle. The dynamic wor fuel dispenser king circulation is showed in Diagram 2-25. As the diameter and moving distance of piston is certain, the relation between movement and crankshaft rotation also fixed. In every two times inflow or discharge of piston, crankshaft turn around a circle, oil volume in inlet or outlet progress is constant. 1-Piston 2-Crankshaft 3-4-Connecting rod 5-Screw 6-Bearing 7-Bushing 8-Frame 9-Distributing valve 10-Top cover 11-Bearing 12-Spring 13-14-Gear 15-Adjusting bolt 16-T-shaped key 17-Sider cover Diagram 2-24: Structural drawing of four-piston measurement transducer Diagram 2-25: Working principal drawing This type of measurement transducer includes 1L circulation discharge and 0.5 L circulation discharge,selecting according to wanted discharge of fuel dispenser. Discharge adjustment Over a long period of operation the accuracy of measurement transducer declined due to either parts abrasion or large change in oil temperature and viscosity. Therefore, regulative device often used to adjust the accuracy within the stipulated scope of national metrology appraisal. The following procedure is conducted as measurement accuracy decline. (See Diagram 2-26) Diagram 2-26: Mechanical adjusting device Take out the seal ring on front adjusting bolt; Pull out screw plug; See a regula fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

technical specification

    Lc Vc List compound object   This object is constructed from identical simple or compound objects (same Tag same length);  the number of elements in the list is not represented directly in the object and can be obtained from the  respective lengths of the list object and those of the basic object.   The compound objects of a list cannot in turn contain compound objects.   The following diagram shows a compound object of list type with compound objects A:   List compound object   Compound object A(1) Compound object A(2) Compo fuel dispenser und object A(3)   T L TA LA a b c TA LA VA TA LA VA Tag (T)   The Tag field is coded on 3 bytes:   ?most significant byte: 1111 1111 (0XFF) Private class + constructed data object (bit 6)   ?intermediate byte: bit 8 (MSB) to 1 to indicate that another byte follows   bit 7 to 1 to indicate that it concerns a dictionary reference   bit 6 to bit 1 (LSB): coding (high part) of the dictionary reference   ?least significant byte: bit 8 (MSB) to bit 1 (LSB): coding (low part) of the dictionary   reference  All rights reserved ? Printed on 281004 10:10 2398   Ref : NT1118R1   MPA V5.2: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS   Nb Pages : 98 + 0 PJ   for the ATM-M fuel dispenser fuel dispenser

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