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U609 Swivel


U609 Swivel

U609 Swivel is designed for use between the hose and the pipe, or between the hose and other equipments.


Body: Aluminum


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Dimension

U609-A/B 23kg/case of 100 27kg/case of 100 47.5x31.6x26 cm /case of 100

U609-C/D 30kg/case of 50 34kg/case of 50 58x31.5x26 cm /case of 50

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    conducive to the failure that no oil is sucked. Don’t worry about the phenomenon fuel dispenser of cavitation because its probability to occur is low, and the method to prevent it appearance would find fuel dispenser when pipeline setting and the design and manufacture of pump. At present, manufacturers have achieved great progress in research to prevent cavitation in pump inlet. The phenomenon is avoidable. Stability The stability of pump is more important technical parameter, which is one of major labels measuring the performance of pump. The good stability of pump is low fluctuation in flow and slow increase of pulsant value as working long time. The 13.6 of JJG667-97 Liquid cubage flow meter stipulates that the flow rate fluctuation not exceed 2.5%, which is requirement for pump stability. Under same operating condition a good stability pump reduce the abrasion of hydraulic components so as to lengthen fuel dispenser’s service life. Moreover, it is conducive to reduce leakage of measure transducer and enhance the accuracy. Noise Noise is also a symbol of pump’s performance, which relate to fuel dispenser’s noise. The GB/T9081-2001 Fuel dispenser for vehicle stipulates that the noise of fuel dispenser not exceed 80d B and the noise of pump no more than that of fuel dispenser, which is basic requirement for fuel dispenser. Noise is often created from pump of fuel dispenser, computerized fuel dispenser in particular. The pump noise is largely depended upon its stability, cavitation, partial flow speed and oil abrasion, etc. High noise pollutes environment and wastes electricity so as to increase operation cost of filling station. Usage and maintenance Many domestic component manufacturers now produce vane pump, but their products vary from inner structure, choice of material, suction capacity, stability, service life, noise and so on. Thus failure presents largely different. Vane pump should often be inspected and maintained during the operation progress. Specific procedure is as followed: Often inspect the rotati fuel dispenser

technical specification

    the card to support specific   fuel dispenser functions in the app   TAG Issuer applic fuel dispenser ation data b ..32 Mandatory Contains proprietary  9F10 application data for   transmission to the issuer   for online transaction  TAG 95 TVR b 5 Mandatory Terminal verification results.   Gives status of different   functions as seen by the   terminal.  TAG App cryptogram b 8 Mandatory Cryptogram returned by ICC  9F26 (ARQC)  TAG Cryptogram info b 1 Mandatory Type of cryptogram and  9F27 actions to be performed by   terminal  TAG Terminal capabilities b 3 Conditional Required if information in  9F33 Field 22 is not prefered   method of transferring   terminal data. Presence is   shown by code in Field 22  TAG fuel dispenser

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