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U612 Flexible Pipe


U612 Flexible Pipe



Working Pressure<0.6MPa



Body: SUS304


Product ID Weight Dimension

U612-A 37kg/case of200

23×23× 34cm/case of 200

U612-B 37kg/case of200

23×23× 34cm/case of 200

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    ine bad effects of accuracy. 2. Pipeline noise Noise and tremble are not generated by pipe itself but hydraulic shock, pipe resonance and pressure pulse. Here explain, combining operation and maintenance of fuel dispense, these reason for noise and tremble 2.1 Hydraulic collision Hydraulic collision refers to the phenomenon in which oil pressure in pipeline is increased quickly as pipe switch open or close or liquid changing flow direction. Hydraulic collision could lead to pipeline noise, which are result from piston changing direction of measurement transducer and witching on or off pipe valve. Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ (v2 fuel dispenser =0,t≤T) (2-10) Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ ·Tt (v2=0,t≤T) (2-11) Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ ( partial v2?,t≤T) (2-12) Δρ= 12lv11+EoE·dδ ·Tt (partial v2?,t≤T) (2-13) In above formulae: Δρ── increasing pressure value; υ1── previous velocity of flow υ2── latter velocity of flow T ── time that start from collision to reflect T=2la T ── changing time of velocit fuel dispenser y of flow fromυtoυ2 E0 ── elastic volume of fluid cubage E ── elastic modulus of pipeline d ── inner diameter of pipe δ── pipe thickness l ── diffused distance of shock wave fuel dispenser a ── diffused speed of shock wave The above formulae illustrate four kinds of stock pressure on pipe in corresponding operations in which switching on or off nozzle quickly or slowly. They also explain that slowly switch on and off nozzle generating less collision pressure than that of rapidly under a certain parameter of pipeline system of fuel dispenser. Similarly, it is applicable to stock noise. Therefore, user shall slowly turn on and off nozzle in operation so as to reduce hydraulic stock and noise, and prolong fuel life service of fuel dispenser. Most of manufacturers of fuel dispensers have mounted anti hydraulic stock device in hydraulic system in order to abate the effects to fuel dispensers.

technical specification

      2 Bin8 R(1-9) M   Nb_Products   (02H) (1-8) W(1-2)   Number of products defined.   0 = not configured   n = number of products   Please note that dispensers that do not permit the   Nb_Products to be changed remotely should:   Reject any write attempts with a Data_ACK   value of 2 (Read OnlyNot Writable).   fuel dispenser Must set the Nb_Products to the value of   products that is hard coded in their program.   When a master resetcold start occurs on the dispenser   device the dispenser should reset this Data_Id to its   default value.  October 2005 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL FP31_2.22   fuel dispenser DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 59   fuel dispenser CALCULATOR DATABASE   DB_Ad = C_DAT (01H)   Data Field Type ReadWrite MO   Data Element Name   Description   _Id (Values) in State   3 Bin8 R(1-9) M   Nb_Fuelling_Modes   (03H) (1-8) W(1-2)   Number of fuelling modes defined.   0 = not configured   n = number of fuelling modes   Ple

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    e had taught economics at Harvard before going into government, and his bulldozer-like personality would bully the reforms through. Ever since then the bulldozer has been hitting walls. He clashed with Cornel West, a well known black professor, over Mr West s commitment to academic research. He challenged the banning of the army training corps from the Harvard campus. He suggested that a petition urging the university to sell stakes in companies doing business in Israel might be “anti-Semitic? He went out of his way to defend his friend Andrei Shleifer from accusations that the economist had violated conflict of interest rul fuel dispenser es by investing in Russia. (Harvard and Mr Shleifer paid almost $30m to settle a civil suit brought by the American government over the issue.) And, most famously of all, Mr Summers infuriated the feminist establishment (and many others) by wondering out loud whether prejudice alone could explain the shortage of women at the top of science. It is tempting to present Mr Summers as a neo-conservative fallen among liberals. In fa fuel dispenser ct, ideologically he is something of an old-time liberal himself (he devoted a great deal of energy to boosting the number of poor students at Harvard). His problem has always been that his fuel dispenser affection for any agenda is less than his love of a good debate. Political correctness depends on self-censorship, especially over group differences, and Mr Summers is constitutionally incapable of not examining people s premises. In the end, though, character was less important than power. There was a set of much more basic tensions between Mr Summers and his critics. These tensions might be dressed up as ideological, but they were really about the privileges and perks of academic life. The most obvious was undergraduate teaching. Undergraduates get a raw deal for their $40,000 a year. The core curriculum is an antiquated mess. Star professors palm their pupils off on graduate students and then give them top grades to keep them happy (one survey found