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U613-A Explosion-proof Terminal Boxes


U613-A Explosion-proof Terminal Boxes

The boxes are suitable to be used in outdoor and indoor places of zones 1 and 2 where there is explosive mixture


Enclosure is made of casting aluminium alloy,

Surface is sprayed with plastics.

Connection with tube or through wiring.

Explosion-proof approva:l

The flow control valve has been tested and granted Ex approval.

The Ex-approval is EX m II T4.Ex certificate number is CE021037.


Product ID Net Weight Cross Weight Size

U613-A 32kg/case of 200

37kg/case of 200 22.5x22.5x33.5 cm /case of 200

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    VP500B with power showed in Diagram 4-4. As the simplest design, it could be installed at end of reclaiming pipe, namely, near to tank and inlet. It can simultaneously reclaim 12 nozzles, applicable to fuel dispenser with suction pump or submersible pump. Center-type reclaiming vacuum pump VP500B without power showed in Diagram 4-5. This type of pump is very applicable to city filling station, which is p fuel dispenser owered by sub fuel dispenser mersible pump, mounted 8 nozzles of reclaiming. The deployment of vapor pipe and air vent of tank ensures station’s normal operation. Distributed reclaiming vacuum pump: each fuel dispenser is mo fuel dispenser unted vapor reclaiming vacuum pump. Diagram 4-6: VP vacuum pump Diagram 4-7: Separated jointer Diagram 4-8: Coaxial hose Separated jointer: its main function is used as convert jointer to separate vapor and oil. Repeated use breakaway: used for protecting fuel dispenser in case of pull down by vehicle. As exterior pull reaching 310~350lb, breakaway is automatically closed, at same time switch off pipelines of vapor and oil. Coaxial hose: a kind of hose with two layers that delivery vapor in internal and exterior oil. Nozzle: with double-layer pipes, mounted vapor valve. Fuel dispenser with vapor recovery system This kind of fuel dispenser with vapor recovery function is used for reclaiming volatile oil vapor near outlet without affecting normal refueling. There are two types widely adopting in domestic market, one is the new developed fuel dispenser that has vapor recovery function; the other type is improved fuel dispenser based upon traditional dispenser and added vapor recovery function. Generally, these are divided into two categories: submersible type and built-in pump type. Diagram 4-9: Vapor recovery nozzle Submersible fuel dispenser with vapor recovery function If adopt vacuum-aid vapor recovery system, the matching fuel dispenser with vapor recovery function should adopt submersible fuel dispenser. Its working principle is that center vacuum pump g

technical specification

    tion   Device Response   Device Request   PrinterStatus   Device Response   process preAuthorisation   fuel dispenser fuel dispenser PreAuthorisation Request (1100)   PreAuthorisation Request Response (1110)   CardP fuel dispenser reAuthorisationLoyaltySwipe Response   LoyaltySwipe Request   or   CardFinancialAdvice Request  IFSF POSEPS ImplementationGuidelines - Revision - 20060510   10052006 Page 58 of 105   Confidential  7.5 CardPreAuthorization (OPT)  Loyalty + Payment   POSSell Host   EPS PINpad   CardPreAuthorisationLoyaltySwipe Request   Read Card   Abort Customer   no timeout   Request inserted  

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