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U701-B Explosion-proof Motor


U701-B Explosion-proof Motor

This motor main used as necessary accessories with pump of dispenser. The quality & performance are steady.

Technique Function:

Voltage:380V 50Hz,three phase.



FLA:4.9A,Locked current:27A

Rated torque:5.03N.m,Max torque:18.4N.m,

Locked torque:17.1N.m

KVA code:H,Termo-Protector:Y

Temperature: -40~~+55degree


Packing : Carton dimensions: Net weight: Gross weight:

1set/carton 425 x 255 x 230mm 10.5kg 10.5kg

Explosion-proof approval:

This motor has been tested and granted Ex approval.The Ex-approval

is EX d IIA T3.Ex certificate number is CE991209.

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    model, double model and multi-nozzle fuel dispenser (see Diagram 1-8, 1-9 ). The two categories of suction fuel dispenser and submersible fuel dispenser is divided by pump position. Diagram 1-15: Mobile fuel dispenser Diagram 1-16: Vehicle-mounted fuel dispenser Diagram 1-17; Hanging filling system Diagram 1-18: Card-controlled fuel dispenser In addition, according to special ancillary function, there are mobile fuel dispenser (Diagram 1-15), vehicle-mounted fuel dispenser (Diagram1-16), hanging filing system (Diagram1-17), fuel dispenser with vapor recovery device (Diagram1-7), mixed product fuel dispenser available to change product label (Diagram1-10), fuel dispenser communicated with upper network (Diagram1-12), fuel dispenser subject to upper network (Diagram1-11), card-controlled fuel dispenser (Diagram1-18), etc. Article IV Basic working principle and configuration of fuel dispenser Basic working principle. The basic working principle of fuel dispenser can be illustrated by the following chart 1-19, the line with arrow presenting flow direction of oil, line denoting the transmission direction of mechanical or electric sign. Diagram 1- 19: Working process of fuel dispenser Fuel is sucked from underground tank, enter measurement transducer via vapor separator, and flow out nozzle through solenoid valve. The position movement value of axis generated fuel dispenser by transducer is fuel dispenser converted into relevant electric pulse sign by sensor, the indicator of electric counter display accumulative volume refueled. If in mechanical fuel dispenser, the volume refueled can be presented by the indicator device of mechanical counter by measuring the position movement of output axis of converter. The pump of submersible fuel dispenser is installed in oil in tank, which can delivery fuel to several measurement transducers, and flow out nozzle. Its counter device is similar to pump built-in fuel dispenser. The current fuel d fuel dispenser

technical specification

    d = Dispenser generates the unsolicited FP_Status_Message to all devices   entered in its Recipient Address table.  FP31_2.22 IFSF - STANDARD FORECOURT PROTOCOL October 2005   DISPENSER APPLICATION   Page: 134  5.4 Dispenser Site Controller On-Line Off-Line Handling  5.4.1 Actions when a Dispenser recognises that a SC is off-line  The Dispenser recognises that a SC device that has been entered into its recipient table has  gone off-line when it does not receive a heartbeat within the duration of 3 times the heartbeat  interval (normally 3 times 10 seconds = 30 seconds).  DO:   Stop sending unsolicited messages to the off-line SC device.  DO NOT:   If currently fuelling do not stop the transaction. Continue to dispense fuel until the end of   the transaction or a previous defined limit has been reached. Basically the off-line   situation has no affect on the operation of the Dispenser.   Do not remove the off-line SC device from the Recipient Table.  5.4.2 Actions when a Dispenser recognises that a SC comes back on-line  The Dispenser can recognise that a SC device that has been entered into its recipient table is  back on line when it receives a heartbeat from the SC device.  DO:   Send the unsolicited status and transaction messages to the SC that has come on-l fuel dispenser ine.   Plea fuel dispenser se note that this event will cause every dispenser to do the same action so the   network could get busy .   Start sending unsolicited messages to the SC device as normal.  5.4.3 Actions when a SC recognises that a Dispenser is off-line  The SC recognises that the Dispenser device has gone off-line when it does not receive a  heartbeat within the duration of 3 times the heartbeat interval (normally 3 times 10 seconds =  30 seconds).  DO: fuel dispenser

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