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Fuel dispenser are used in petroleum-retail service stations for filling lightweight oil including gasoline or diesel etc. We have taken up the production of fuel dispenser since1992. Among our gigantic business portfolio, oil transfer pumps were first put on our agenda and then mechanical fuel dispensers, electronic fuel dispenser in subsequence.

Our fuel dispensers have 3 series, namely, C series, D series and S series. All of the series share the same electronic system, which consists of flow meter, combination pump, auto nozzle etc. But C series is little in size and has a general outline with hoses from the middle. And D series contains jambs with stainless steel and hoses from the top. Then S series have a novel streamline outline and hoses from the top, which is bigger in size in comparison with the other ones.

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    Diagram 3-28: Key command processing flow Article V IC card filling system security Intellectual IC card operation system --- COS 7 intellectual IC card, invented as early as 1968, has another name ---smallest PC (personal computer) from very starting. IC card, according to principle of desktop, also needs a set of operating system as platform, that is, COS (Chip Operating System). From the view of its position in intellectual card, it is much more like past DOC in pers fuel dispenser onal computer. COS as core of intellectual card technology, all commands from exterior should be processed in operating system. This system is developed along with integrated circuit card from EEPROM to intellect fuel dispenser ual card with microprocessor. Compared with general operating system, operating system in card has many traits: address system security; COS is not a universal operating system because it is developed by various manufacturers. Yet, different commercial COS should be designed and developed in line with a basic and general international standard so that make sure the openness of system. Because of adopting unified interface in one factory, different chips may also provide same interface with similar functions. Safety threat and solution to IC card system The security of COS safety protection has integrated many current and matured safety technologies, its reliability lie in the following 3 items: Secrecy: adopt encryption to deal information, preventing illegal store and withdrawal data. Integrality: hinder illegal alteration of information including modification, deletion and increase, etc. Authenticity: system has ability to verify the sender and receiver of data, ensuring data valid and authentic. IC card applied system may be attacked during working. Some fuel dispenser are by malice, others unconscious. The concrete attack methods are divided into 3 categories: Method I: Fake card, including fabricated card, changing card in operation, etc. Method II: compromised card, employing lost card or larcenous card to conduct operat

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    ted according to EN 12874.   Inside the hydraulic housing or in any other equivalent area the interface between the vapour recovery   system and the surrounding area shall prevent flame transmission or shall be tight at a pressure of 10 bar as tested   according to 6.1.6. Outside this housing upstream of the vapour recovery suction means there is no requirement  fuel dispenser for flame proof separation.   The vapour recovery system shall be protected against flame transmission from one active fuelling   fuel dispenser nozzle to another active fuelling nozzle by at least one flame arrester. Vapour pumps certified including flame   arresters may be accepted.   A flame arrester shall be positioned between any potential source of ignition in normal use of the   metering pumpdispenser and the field connection point of the vapour pipe.   NOTE Necessary actions by customers and testers are normal use; events such as major damage by vehicles or   detaching parts of the vapour recovery system for service or maintenance are not normal use.   27   -- - - ---       Means shall be provided to prevent emission of pressurised vapourair mixture at the inlet of the vapour   recovery system.   fuel dispenser 5.3.6 Housings   The housing(s) shall provide mechanical protection against physical contact to the internal equipment.  

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    ber 19th last year a four-Humvee convoy of US marines from Kilo company was patrolling the Iraqi town of Haditha. A white taxi drew near. Marines signalled for it to stop. A bomb exploded beneath the fourth Humvee, killing its driver, Lance-Corporal Miguel Terrazas. Accounts differ widely as to what happened next. The American soldiers said that 15 civilians were killed in the blast along with Lance-Corporal Terrazas. Not long afterwards, they said, someone started shooting fuel dispenser at them and they returned fire, killing eight insurgents. But a painstaking investigation by Time magazine, published in March, found evidence of a massacre. Witnesses claim that the Americans were not fired on, fuel dispenser and that the civilians who died that day in Haditha were murdered by rampaging marines. As many as 24 may have been killed. First, the marines ordered five occupants of the white taxi, whom they may have suspected of involvement in the bombing, to lie down. They ran away instead, and the marines shot them. Then, some of the marines allegedly burst into nearby houses and killed 19 more people, only one of whom had a gun. The dead reportedly included eight women, a child and an elderly man in a wheelchair. Marine General Peter Pace, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said that two military investigations were being conducted one to find out what happened and another asking “why didn t we know about it sooner than we knew about it? On May 31st Mr Bush, who apparently heard about Haditha only when Time reporters called to ask questions, said that he was “troubled by the initial news stories? and added “If, in fact, the laws were broken, there will be punishment.? Until then, some Americans may reserve judgment. But critics of the war are raising a fuel dispenser hue and cry. Mr Murtha, who has broken ranks with the leaders of the Democratic Party by calling for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, said the killings were “in cold blood?and that there had been a cover-up. He told CNN that the fact that m